Daredevil writer Chip Zdarsky is the new writer of Batman

A new era of Batman begins with a clown at the wheel.

Daredevil writer (and former Sex criminals artist / current underdog comedian) Chip Zdarsky will be joined by frequent bat artist Jorge Jimenez as the main creative team on the flagship comic, along with colorist Tomeu Mori. “Failback,” their debut six-issue story arc, will kick off the game with a bang – Zdarsky says it’ll be Batman’s “Doomsday,” likely a reference to the guy who famously killed Superman for a while. Whether this means that Batman will also die (for a while), just get his ass kicked, or something remains to be seen.

On DC:

Bruce Wayne has nightmares about a future he cannot stop. But he may not live to see that future, as a formidable foe from Batman’s past, has one unforgiving goal. To end, Batman, no matter the cost.

Zdarsky has already invaded Gotham with a Jason Todd story arc in the anthology series. Batman: Urban Legends and Black Label miniseries Batman: Knight bringing new tension to the character’s familiar origins. His Daredevil running, which Zdarsky confirmed he would remain on board for — has already shown an ability to craft smart stories about vigilantes who don’t shy away from questioning the stereotypes that support their violent heroes. Jimenez’s art is also becoming commonplace in Gotham, his style teetering on edge between two fists and flamboyant dynamics.

Batman #125 Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Jimenez, and Tomeu Mori will go on sale on July 5th.

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