Dark Souls completed by throwing literal crap at bosses

Dark Souls is a majestic fantasy world of darkness and grandeur set in the ruins of the land of lords.¬†From a manure cake. I don’t know what the chosen undead is doing, licking it or something like that.
The fact that it causes toxicity makes it a top-notch PvP trolling item, but as LilAggy shows, it can also be used to poison bosses, after which it completely eats up their health bars. The streamer spent about seven and a half hours on this launch (the video above is a 24-minute highlight spot), and one of the endearing aspects is the lack of planning, which seems to fit the theme: when you have to, gotta go.
In the end, Lil Aggie emerges victorious, the Dark Lord of Poop, though the Gwyn episodes are worth watching because of one try where Gwyn has to die; it looks like he’s about to break, but just… stops passing and then destroys Lil Aggie two-hit combo. It’s like the god king’s honor has been so offended that he controls the universe for a moment.
However, even Gwyn cannot avoid poisonous corruption indefinitely. And now you know that yes, you can beat Dark Souls just by throwing shit balls around you. For future poop lovers, Elden Ring also has this item. Get Throwing.

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