Dawn Of The Monsters Brings Kaiju Beat ‘Em Up Action To Switch This March


Update [Wed 2nd Mar 2022 00:30 GMT]: WayForward and 13 AM have narrowed down the release date for this game to March 15th. Pre-orders for Limited Run Games physical editions will also open later this week on March 4th.

Original story [Thu 3rd Feb 2022 01:05 GMT]: Kaiju from WayForward and 13 AM Game defeated them Dawn of the Monsters blocked in the month of release. It’s coming to the Switch eShop this March, with a Limited Run Games physical release on “select platforms” at a later date.

This information has been revealed in the game’s new story trailer, which contains a little gameplay footage towards the end. Here’s the summary, straight from the PR:

The Dawn of the Monsters saga begins in the year 2036, when massive beings known as the Nephilim invade Earth, leaving a calamity in their wake. Only three decades later will humanity be able to strike back. Under his command are four giant guardians – Megadon, a living volcano, Ganira, a colossal crustacean, Aegis Prime, a superhuman warrior, and Tempest Galahad, a massive mech – DAWN prepares to restore the planet.”

In addition to this, the game will feature a two-player co-op and over 35 missions for you to complete.

But that is not all. It was also revealed that in addition to the in-house creative team, there is also a team of collaborative artists assisting both in-game and for promotional purposes:

Shiniji Nishikawa (Gozilla movie and SSSS. Gridman), Matt Frank (IDW Godzilla), Yuuji Kaida (Godzilla, Ultraman, Neon Genesis Evangelion), Zander Cannon (Kaijumax), Ei Su (Marvel’s Rise of Ultraman, Godzilla Rivals, Transformers comics) ), Kim Jacinto (Rise of Ultraman and Shang Chi), DJ Crumrine (Animaniacs, Critical Role), Zedd (known for the art of kaiju and monster hunters), Robo7 (G-Fan, Alien), Caroline Bromley (RWBY series), Ninsai Kato (Japanese kaiju artist), Powerhouse Animation (Castlevania animated series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation).

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