Dead By Daylight board game adaptation coming to Kickstarter

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game in which four survivors must try to escape from a terrifying realm of horrors while being pursued by one formidable assassin. The game is a love letter to the horror genre, with characters from SawSilent Hill 2Resident Evil 2scream, and other classic horror films appearing on the list along with the original cast of characters. On Tuesday, Developer level 99 announced Dead by Daylight: The Board Game.

The game will be launching on Kickstarter in the near future, but Level 99 has shared some pictures of the figurines while the game is still in development. Trapper, Ghost, Nurse, and Doctor threaten the fleeing Survivors, which include Meg, Jake, Feng Ming, Charlotte, and Dwight. There is also a hook that the Killers use to catch the unfortunate Survivors.


When Dead by daylight launches, mini in the game will come unpainted; those shown in the preview are professionally drawn by a team of sculptors. The playing field is covered with bright squares, and each of them has images of running, jumping, and running. It looks like the Survivors will have to move around the board to get bonuses and also avoid the Killers. It will most likely have a format similar to Dead by Daylight, a match where the Survivors must work together to turn on the generators and open the gates while one supernatural assassin hunts them down in the service of a dark, mysterious Entity.



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