Dead by Daylight’s Ringu-Inspired Sadako Rising Chapter Is Out Today

The new chapter of Dead By Daylight, Sadako Rising, is now available on PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC. Based on the 1998 Japanese horror film Ringu. The latest expansion adds two new characters to the ever-expanding roster of killers and survivors. In the asymmetric survival horror game: Onryo Sadako Yamamura and Yoichi Asakawa.

Referred to as Onryƍ in the game, Sadako is sure to be a familiar face (er, head of hair) to horror fans. The main antagonist in both the Japanese “Ringu” and its American adaptation. “The Ring,” Sadako is widely known for her creepy crawling out of the TV and jerky movements. Both of which are featured in “Dead by Daylight.” Yoichi Asakawa, on the other hand, is an original character inspired by Yoko Asakawa Ringu. While it is unknown exactly how Yoichi fits into the narrative. His move set makes it clear that he is the more empathetic, caring type. Yoichi uses two moves, Parental Control, and Empathic Link, to help and heal his teammates.

In addition to Sadako and Yoichi,

Sadako Rising adds many bug fixes and six new achievements to the game. Three of these achievements require players to purchase the new character Sadako Rising. While the other three are available to everyone. Sadako Rising is the first new chapter of Dead By Daylight in 2022 and follows the recent collaboration between Resident Evil and Hellraiser. However, while Sadako Rising may be the first new Dead By Daylight content this year, it looks like it won’t be the last. Just last month, it was revealed that Behavior Interactive, the developer of Dead by Daylight, had filed for a trademark for a spin-off dating game called Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim.

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