Dead Space Remake Is Targeting Early 2023 Release Date

A remake of Dead Space is in the works, and according to the developers,

The team is now aiming to release their ambitious survival horror game in early 2023. Following the latest developer update detailing the realistic audio systems in Dead Space Remake, the developers have announced that they are aiming for a remake release in early 2023.

“We want to make sure that the game we are about to release will meet the expectations of the fans,” the developers said in today’s broadcast. “So right now, we’ll say early next year. We have a date and we want to make sure everything fits together for that.” Motive says that the team will be able to complete a full playthrough in just a couple of weeks. But, as the developers have repeated many times in the thread, everything that fans have seen so far in Dead Space Remake is in early alpha.

However, that didn’t make what was revealed any less impressive.

The developers have previously detailed how they aim to create realistic physics for how Isaac shoots and cuts Necromorphs. Today’s sound presentation showed that this realism extends to sound as well: Isaac’s dialogue and breathing change depending on how tired he is. In the coming weeks, another Dead Space Remake developer update will be released, this time focusing on art direction. Check out IGN’s interview with the Dead Space Remake developers when the remake was first announced here.

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