Dead Space Remake: Isaac’s Dialogue Will Change Based on How Tired He Is


During today’s live broadcast developers have announced a new system called “ALIVEwhich, according to EA Motive, will cover “all components of Isaac’s breathing and heart rate, vocal movements, and dialogue, all influenced by various driving gameplay features.”

With the further development of ALIVE, the studio sorted out what each letter means in the abbreviation: Adrenaline, Limbic System Response, Intelligent Dialog, Vitals, and Exertions. While each is a component, the most interesting part of the new system is “Intelligent Dialogue”, in which EA Motive explains that Isaac’s scripted dialogue scenes will include three variations of each line “depending on his current state.”

The three options are “Normal”, “Tired” and “Injured”, each with completely different ways Isaac conveys dialogue in the game, as the developer demonstrated in the thread.

Of course, changing Isaac’s breath is nothing new if you’ve played the original. However, new audio improvements and a little attention to detail in how Isaac speaks dialogue and even how he breathes depending on the situation are nice touches to the long-awaited remake of one of the most popular horror games of the late 2000s.

Although the game will be out in about a year, EA Motive has promised to release another developer update sometime in May that will focus on the art design of Dead Space Remake.

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