Destiny 2 clan wins two world’s first raid races in a row

The race to “world-first” complete a new Destiny raid is a beloved and popular tradition in Bungie’s long-running looter shooter. Community. Bungie announced the winners, the Elysium clan, at around 8:00 pm EDT yesterday. Elysium also took first place in the world in Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass reprisal. Which stood carried over from the first game last May.

Once verified, we proudly congratulate the winners of Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple World First, the Elysium clan! BACK TO BACK OF CHAMPIONS!💠 Cruz💠 Kyros💠 Moople💠 Quazz💠 Saltagreppo💠 Slap March 6, 2022

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The race to complete Vow of the Disciple was a little tricky. Complicated by connection error codes that kept rival teams from participating in the raid for several hours. Various connectivity issues marred the hearings, and Elysium themselves were not immune. They were coded out of the charge for nearly two hours at the start of the competition but still latched on to it. In my opinion, this adds a nice comeback element to their story.

You are completing the raid also unlocked story content for players in general, in keeping with Destiny tradition. There is a new mission centered around the raid location. As well as further development of the story revelations featured in it. If you want to power up your Guardian and test the Oath of the Apprentice yourself, be sure to check out our guest trailer from a Destiny 2 content creator. Cool guy on how to create the best void builds in Destiny 2.

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