Destiny 2 community already memeing a major The Witch Queen spoiler

Bungie has done an exceptional job with Destiny 2 over the past year, making players truly care about the giant space opera unfolding before them. The Witch Queen tells one of the biggest stories in the series and finally gives players some answers to the biggest mysteries of the Destiny universe. This isn’t just a boast of Savatune, the wily sister of the Taken King Oryx, but it also gives players a glimpse of what’s to come. But despite how big and exciting this story has been for fans, the Destiny community can’t help but celebrate its biggest revelation yet.

In the end witch queen campaign, players defeat Savathun mostly. While her body is dead, her ghost – a prickly butt named Immaru – has disappeared into the Traveler’s Light, and no one knows where it is. This leaves Savathun, technically the Guardian, in limbo. If Immaru ever finds her (before players can crush him to pieces in a future season or expansion), she could be resurrected just as easily as any Guardian.

In witch queen moments before her death, she warns the Guardians that they are now on their own and that something bigger and much worse is coming. Then Destiny 2 gives players a first look at The Witness.

Known by various names in the series (such as the Winnower, the Voice in the Dark, and the Entity), the Witness emerges from the portal and delivers a speech to the Traveler. They swim with their backs to the camera, a long cloak dragging behind them, and smoke pouring over their heads.

It’s a very cool roller and silhouette, and then they turn around. The witness is pale and has a large, round head. Their eyes are like aliens and they have a single dark line running through their eyebrows and up their hairline. And the community seems to be divided between what looks like the baddest villain in Destiny history and Megamind from the 2010 animated comedy of the same name.

Both groups are right:

The Witness is a big deal with a capital letter in Destiny 2. They are the Wanderer’s worst enemy, the leader of the Darkness, and also a potential ally that gives players Stasis in Beyond the Light. There are many different places they could take the character to, and the Guardians still know very little about them.

Bye, witch queen only gives players a small teaser of a new villain (or potential friend); Guardians will no doubt see more of them in the upcoming Lightfall as well as final form expansions expected to be released in 2023 and 2024.

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