Destiny 2 Deepsight: How To Unlock Tier 2 And Tier 3 In The Witch Queen

Deepsight is a new mechanic similar to the Lost Season’s Truesight that allows Guardians to seek out the secrets of the kingdom of Savathun and is a core part of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen’s adventures. These are black, smoky auras with a bright center that you can activate to reveal what is hidden. Guardians gain access to Deepsight Tier 1 in The Witch Queen campaign, which allows you to see through walls, follow footprints, see runes, and discover platforms to get to places you wouldn’t normally be able to see.

They are scattered all over the place and you have probably stumbled upon Deepsight locations that require Deepsight Tier 2 and Tier 3, but the story does not increase your Deepsight Tier rank, unlike our friend Hive Ghost Fynch. You can unlock additional levels by leveling up with Finch; players gain level 2 Deepsight at level 11 and level 3 Deepsight at level 13.

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Level 2 and Level 3 Deepsight encourages further exploration of Throne World Savathun – beyond what The Witch Queen campaign offers – where players can find chests and other secrets. One of Deepsight’s main uses is to find timed Deepsight chests – you can check Throne World Triumphs to keep count – these timed chests are puzzles that use jumping, lighting torches, or a runic mechanic to open chests while Deepsight is active.

Level up with Finch

Each Throne World Reputation rank for Finch is 1000 points, and ranking with Finch gives you Rep Rank Engrams when you reach a new rank. You can also get Throne World weapons, the new Veritas armor, access to playable weekly missions, and the Wellspring hard quest from the Rank Rewards category, which reaches rank 30. Gear unlocked through rank rewards can also drop in Wellspring.

Leveling up Finch may seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of ways for you to move up the ranks and find the best method for your playstyle. We have several different ways to climb the Throneworld rankings and see how much you earn by completing various activities and collecting items.

Getting the maximum amount of reputation points

You can get 250 points from Regional Chests in the Throneworld of Savatún – these golden chests are marked on the map – but you are only allowed to loot each Regional Chest once. Completing the weekly “Altars of Reflection” missions and finding secrets such as “Translucent Moths” also awards 250 points. Throne World activities and weekly hard missions award 225 rank points.

Deepsight chest farm in Alluring Curtain, Miasma and Queen’s Bailey

You can earn 200 from Deepsight temporary chests – these chests will always give you 200 rank reputation points. It quickly became an easy farming method to rank with Finch after getting Deepsight level 3. Players have found that farming chests in the Beguiling Curtain area in the Throneworld of Savatún are a methodical way to reach rank 30 without relying on other actions.

The bridge has a Tier 3 Deepsight when you enter the Manling Curtain from the Quagmire area, and another Deepsight when you jump off the tall pillars onto the platform next to it. If you are able, you can grab the first chest above the bridge and swim across to the second location within the Deepsight time limit. Collecting both chests awards a total of 400 points, then players can leave the region and re-enter to flush and repeat.

Two Deepsight Tier 3 locations in Alluring Curtain used to farm Throne World Rank points.

You can also go down to the Witch’s Echo, near the back of the Miasma region, where there is a chest in the round hall after the tunnel. After picking up this chest, enter the nearby portal to pick up the next chest right next to you by completing the torch puzzle. Run out of the portal and re-enter Witch Echo to repeat the steps.

There are three Deepsight Tier 3 locations in the Royal Bailey, which is located directly above the Fluorescent Channel, which also gives 200 points for a secret chest. There are two chests outside and one inside the building. Like the others, you can exit the area to upgrade the Royal Bailey and start over – you can’t summon a sparrow here, so run back to the Fluorescent Conduit as quickly as you can. This farm allows you to capture three chests, which give a total of 600 rank points, while the other two methods give 400 in a single pass.

Even if farming chests are not to your liking, completing some of them helps you move up the ranks, and you can always return to other activities.

Actions in Throne World and ranking before Deepsight Tier 3

While farming secret chests is reserved for players who already have Deepsight Tier 3, there are plenty of activities you can do to get to this level. Wellspring is another activity where you can earn 125 points by completing it on normal difficulty – if you try the Report: Relic Data quest, you can get these reputation ranks. In addition, completing repeatable story missions at the lowest power level rewards you with 150 rank reputation points, heroic public events award 130 points, and normal public events award you 120 points.

Patrolling the Throneworld, defeating a Lightbearer Hive enemy, incomplete public events, completing common Lost Sectors, hitting important targets, and completing bounties from Finch don’t award too many points, but these objectives can be completed in combination with other activities when wandering the Throneworld. Peace. For example, Finch’s quest called Trust Goes Both Ways asks Guardians to find regional chests, and while working on this, players must gather patrols and join public events – it’s like killing two Hive worms with one shot, reducing the chore by doing both more. With your time.

Farming basic osmium and chests

The lowest amount of rank reputation points can be obtained by collecting fundamental osmium, and opening chests – each of them gives you 20 rank points – but this is the easiest way to climb the ranks. You won’t even need to try to find the most of the time because you will run into them while running around the Throneworld. However, in order to effectively find fundamental osmium and chests, you need to apply the Combo Detector or Wombo Detector mod in your ghost’s second slot, which detects chests and resources within a few meters. Deepsight Tier 2 chests also give you 20 points.

Getting rank 30

At rank 30, you get the Throne World Engram Upgrade as a rank reward, which gives you the Throne World weapon you purchased and a stack of Resonant Alloys – Engrams will no longer give you weapons from the world’s global drop. If you want the upgraded Funnelweb machine gun or any of the new Foundry weapons to boost your reputation rank with Fynch, don’t take the rank 30 Throne World Engram Upgrade.

If you’ve completed the Witch Queen campaign and need something more than a rank boost with Finch, you can catch up on weekly seasonal challenges and activities for the Season of the Lost, work on the Dead Herald exotic grenade launcher, or prepare for the upcoming raid Vow of the Disciple March 5th.

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