Destiny 2 Hotfix Will Stop You From Exploiting Throne World Reputation Gains

As Destiny 2 enters the second week of its Witch Queen expansion, the game is undergoing a bit of cleanup to tweak the game. In the latest patch update, Bungie is addressing a number of smaller and more permanent issues in the game that range from general maintenance to ensure that players cannot abuse the exploit in Throne World Savathun.

The exploit in question allowed players to repeatedly open certain chests in the expansion’s new Patrol Zone, allowing them to quickly maximize their reputation with the local Finch vendor instead of naturally leveling up through rewards and missions.

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Several major fixes focused on cases where the relative drop chances for Ascendant Alloys were not displaying properly in the reward preview, preventing the Wizard from hitting the Wellspring inside a pillar during a boss fight and fixing an overload issue. Mod rounds. Players have previously reported that the mod did not break the health regeneration of Overload champions when recovering from a stun, but this bug has been fixed.

In the weapons and armor departments, Grave Robber has been re-enabled for Glaives, Sealed Ahamkara Grasps no longer reload Glaive magazines when projectile damage is dealt, and Hunters can now sleep peacefully knowing Virtuous Cloak will have more accurate smooth animations instead. Look like it was built from sheet metal. If you’d like to get some more valuable materials from Cryptarch Master Rahul, the bad news is that it appears the vendor’s inventory issues haven’t been resolved yet.

You can read about all of these fixes and more in the patch notes below. In other game-related news, you can check out our ongoing Destiny 2: The Witch Queen review, get up close and personal with the Hive God of War Xivu Arat, and learn how Destiny’s new gun sound effects were created with unholy power. Pasta with beef cheese.

Destiny 2 Hotfix Patch Notes


Europe: Salvation Sabotage

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing this mission.

throne world

  • Temporarily disabled the tier 3 Deepsight Chest, which was opening much faster than intended to gain Throne World vendor reputation.
  • It has fixed various holes in the world that allowed players to exit the environment.


Light blade

  • The Hive Boat now launches correctly even if players try to skip it to the first section of the corridor below.

Source: Attack

  • Fixed several issues where the Wizard, positioned at the back in the middle during a boss fight, would sometimes get stuck inside the pedestal at the bottom, blocking activity progress.

Public events

  • Fixed the arc shield on the Heroic Ether Harvest boss to properly respond to arc damage.

Gifts of eternity

  • Fixed an issue where action progress could crash when triggering a lightning round.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the scoring interface to not display in normal Dares of Eternity.

Lost sectors

  • Fixed an issue where the Legend and Master Lost Sector actions were missing from the Game History API.

About queens and worms

  • Fixed an issue where joining a quest late would not grant progress, preventing the player from obtaining the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher.


  • It fixed an issue that caused the Resonance Rune to use a placeholder icon.

Gameplay and investments


  • They fixed an issue where Titans could generate a large number of Power Orbs by quickly moving in and out of Sparrows while the Dawn Ward bubble was triggered.
  • It fixed the size of the Cataclysm icon so that it displays correctly in the player’s HUD.

Weapon Creation

  • Fixed an issue where the number of Triumphs of crafted weapons was not displaying properly for certain weapon types.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause mementos to drop from quests before players had unlocked weapon crafting.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gambit Memento would not drop for players who did not purchase the Witch Queen.
  • Updated the name of the crafting material to correctly read “Sunken Alloy” instead of “Sunken Element.”
  • Fixed Enigma crafting perks to using the correct currency.


  • Grave Robber was re-enabled for the Glaive after it was temporarily disabled due to an ammo generation bug.
  • Hunter Dodge can now cancel Glaive’s melee animation.
  • It fixed an issue that caused Funnelweb to display incorrect log values ​​when comparing perks in the check screen.
  • They fixed an issue where some foundry tools only had the original origin trait.
  • It fixed an issue that caused the Ragnhild-D Shotgun to display the correct zoom.
  • It fixed an issue that caused the Häkke Palmyra-B Rocket Launcher to have missing/incorrect stats.
  • It fixed an issue that caused the Fortissimo-11 to have a larger magazine capacity than intended.
  • It was fixed an issue where the Zeal perk would not persist when the weapon was not equipped.
  • It fixed an issue that caused the Grand the Overture Catalyst quest description to swap places with the vendor text.
  • It fixed an issue that caused the Fortissimo-11 shotgun to have the wrong magazine stat (this would only be visible with perks or mods that increase the magazine).
  • I adjusted the weight of legendary weapons available on the Banshee-44 so that the new world weapon pool has an increased drop rate.
  • Fixed an issue where melee glaive kills were not counted in the player’s match history.
  • It fixed an issue that caused the Outcast perk to appear twice in the first column for the Crisis Inverted Hand Cannon (the second instance was replaced with Under Pressure).


  • Sealed Ahamkara Grips no longer reload glaive magazines when projectile damage is dealt with.
  • High stat armor rolls have been added as a reward for Player’s Chosen Campaign missions.
  • I fixed the description of the Voltaic Mirror exotic perk.
  • Loreley Splendor Helm now creates a sunspot when creating a barricade.
  • It will still grant Sunspot when critically wounded but now requires and consumes a charged class ability on cooldown.
  • It is fixed an issue where the Overload Rounds mod would not break the health regeneration of Overload champions when recovering from a stun.
  • Fixed an issue where the Renewal Grasps Exotic damage reduction was applied briefly.
  • Should now affect enemies while they remain within the area of ​​effect of the Shadowfield grenade.
  • I updated the description and icon for Renewal Grasp.
  • It fixed an issue that caused the Virtuoso Cloak to look stiff instead of loose.


  • Made several new Vanguard Void bounties unavailable during the Void Burn Weeks.
  • Fixed a bug where kills from Void Flying Explosions did not count towards the target’s progress.
  • Reduced completion values ​​for some recurring War Table bounties.

New World

  • They were fixed an issue where the “Meditate on the Light” quest could remain in the player’s quest log if they received it from the postmaster and meditated prior to receiving the quest.
  • Players in this state will now have their stuck quest automatically cleared.
  • “Light Meditation” can now be terminated and will no longer be given to the postmaster if the player’s quest inventory is full.
  • It was fixed an issue where the Ride the Storm subclass quest for Titans and the Hunter subclass quest, Kindle the Flame, were no longer available in Ikora.


  • Fixed an issue where purchasing the Cradle of the Phoenix decoration required ownership of Season 8.


  • It was fixed an issue where the Seasonal Exotic Ship did not have a source to drop.
  • They fixed an issue where the relative drop chances for Ascendant Alloys were not displaying properly in the reward preview.

Platforms and systems


  • They are fixed an issue where black levels could turn gray or invert due to legacy calibration settings not resetting for some players.


  • The ghost was confused during the encounter with Kayal.
  • The ghost may or may not be confused, but at least it no longer flips during the cutscene.
  • It fixed an issue that prevented players from trading Synthcord for Synthweave at the Loom.
  • They increased the cost of retrieving weapons and armor from collections to prevent gunsmith reputation from farming.
  • Rare – 777 Flicker
  • Legendary – 1000 Blinks and 10 Legendary Shards.
  • Exotic – 2500 Flicker and 20 Legendary Shards.
  • It fixed an issue that caused the Night’s Chill shader to display incorrectly.
  • They fixed an issue that caused some names to display incorrectly in the “Partners” section of the game’s credits.
  • Various stability and crash fixes.


  • The Spanish Castilian tramp and ghost are completely re-recorded to replace similar-sounding actors.
  • Fixed incorrect translation of the Quick Access Sling weapon mod into German.
  • The German description for Sunbracers states that the perk is activated by melee hits, not melee kills.

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