Destiny 2: How to complete the Altar of Reflection

The Altar of Reflection is a new challenging puzzle game introduced in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. These new rune puzzles are featured in the campaign, and several subsequent missions and are a little confusing, to say the least. In this guide, I will explain where you can find the Altar of Reflection in Destiny 2 and, more importantly, how to solve the puzzle.

Where to find the Altar of Reflection in Destiny 2

You first encounter the Altar of Reflection during the “Memories of the Ruins” mission. The puzzle solution is chosen randomly each time you visit, so I can’t just give you an answer. Instead, this guide focuses on finding him after the campaign.

You will find the Altar of Reflection in the Throneworld Miasm area after you complete the main campaign. It will be available twice a week, and you can complete it to get stronger gear and 250 Throne World reputation. Unfortunately, the puzzle will change every week, as well as the location, but once you understand how it works, the puzzles become easier.

To get started, start the Report: Resonance Comp quest until you reach the Report: Altar-Reflect stage, which unlocks a puzzle. You can now find it on your map as a tracked quest, so land near the nearest spawn point and head there. First, you need to solve an easy puzzle using the Deepsight Orb. Basically, you need to stand southeast of the large pillar in the middle to see the completed light projection of the Savathun symbol, and this will open a port.

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection: Catalyst and Insight Cursed Pools

When you get to the altar, you will need to solve a puzzle. Four runic symbols will be in front of you on the wall, and you will see their images projected throughout the room. To complete the puzzle, you must stand on the correct projection pool corresponding to the runes. Go left to right and match each rune with a pool. If done correctly, four more runes will appear, and you will do the same again.

As soon as all eight runes are combined, the door will open, and a horde of enemies will pour through it. Clear the room to get some Savathun lore and some gear. Once done, open the Director and track the Insight mission to get started.

The marker will lead you to the Lost Sector of the Tomb, which you will complete as part of Exotic quest “Parasite” in Destiny 2– and when you get to the location, you will need to align the Savathun symbol just like before. Jump through the portal, and you will come across another wall of runes. Again, jump into the pools that match the correct symbols on the wall. Repeat this to complete the Cursed Pool puzzle challenge. The door will open again, and you will need to defeat a bunch of enemies to complete the altar. Altar of Reflection: How to Unravel Runic Patterns

Now you will see a wall with eight columns with runes on them. You need to fire three runes that don’t match the rest. The answers are different each time, so I can’t give you exactly what you’re looking for, but you want to find a pattern and shoot runes that don’t match.

Look at the runes vertically and then shoot at the column with the wrong pattern. If you shoot at the wrong column, the trial will simply start over. In the second half, columns appear on a circular wall, which complicates the task a bit. The same rules apply: look for a pattern. After that, you will fight enemies again and gain knowledge.

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