Destiny 2: How to find faction chests and complete Trust Goes Both Ways

Destiny 2 has new faction chests that can be farmed thanks to The Witch Queen expansion. This is a classic case of blinking, and you’re going to miss them, which is why I’ve created this handy guide to help you find them faster. If you’ve neglected to modify your Ghost so far, now is the time to do so, as you’ll need the mod installed to be able to detect those elusive chests. Unlike gold region chests, faction chests respawn around the Throneworld of Savatûn and don’t always spawn in the same place, which is why mods are needed. As part of the Destiny 2 Trust Goes Both Ways quest, you will need to find four faction chests, so let’s see what you need to do.

How to find faction chests in Destiny 2

While you may have found a few Faction Chests by chance, finding four of them is required to complete the third step of Trust Goes Both Ways. You will need to find and loot four faction chests in Miasma, located in the northwest of the Throneworld. But how to find them?

The easiest way to do this is to equip your Ghost with a combo detector or cache detector mod. Mods to look out for are Wombo Detector or Expert Tracker, which detect caches or resources within 50 and 75 meters, respectively. It’s also worth noting that Ghost’s mod menu isn’t in the best shape right now, and you can skip these mods. However, you will find both of them in the second mod slot.

Destiny 2 Trust goes both ways: how to do it.

The first two steps to this quest are relatively easy, although they do take a bit of time. The first is to loot three regional chests in the Throneworld. To make things easier, gold chests can be easily found on the map. The icon you are looking for looks like a small cross or a plus sign. Once you’ve done that, head to the Miasma area, complete the public event, and defeat 100 Scorn. You need to stay in Miasma if you want to count towards your progress.

The final step involves looting four faction chests and completing two patrols. While finding and completing patrols is easy enough, finding chests can be a little tricky. Faction chests have green beams of light coming from the front and each side, making them easier to spot, but you’ll still need the Ghost mod to find them.

These chests spawn, albeit in random locations, so if you can only find two or three at once, leave the area for a while and come back later. Once you’ve found the four chests, talk to Finch to receive your reward: Likely Suspect Fusion Rifle.


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