Destiny 2 Memory Alembic quest guide

The Destiny 2 Memory Alembic quest is one of the hardest missions in The Witch Queen. It also has a few steps, and you’ll need enough reputation with Finch to unlock Deepsight 2 if you want to complete it, so level up and get comfortable before you start. Completing this quest can help advance quite a few Throne World Triumphs, but first, you’ll need to put your gloves on some Qualicor, so let’s see how to get them.

How to get Qualikor in Destiny 2

First, increase your reputation with Finch to unlock Deepsight 2, allowing you to see more secrets. If you’re not there yet, keep doing Patrols, Public Events, and Rewards until they’re unlocked. After that, inspect the patrol areas around the Throneworld for glowing Deepsight nodes. The one you are looking for will lead you to the corpse of the Scorn Chief.

The corpse spawns in these three locations, changing daily:

  • Fluorescent channel on┬áthe way to the Royal Bailey
  • Quagmireon the path to the Alluring Curtain
  • Mission┬áthe way to Witch Echo

Follow the trail until you reach a clue to explore the wreckage, and you’ll notice that you’ve received a buff called Follow the Trail, which keeps the path ahead of you green until the objective is completed. Eventually, you will encounter Lucent Hive, so go ahead and defeat him. A chest will appear, and you’ll get a Qualicor, so go back to Finch and pick up the Memory Alembic quest.

Destiny 2 Memory Alembic: How to Complete It

Now that you’ve accepted the quest, you’ll need to find even more Qualikor so you can craft the Refined Qualikor. To get them, you need to kill Lucent Brood Executioners. The problem is that you can only kill one of them per day per account, so you won’t be in a hurry. You can also look for Inquisitors, but they are hard to find and hard to defeat.

Killing one executioner and several inquisitors each day will give you about 25 percent progress, and killing three executioners will unlock the Rising Bounty Hunter triumph. Once the progress bar is full, return to Finch to get the Refined Qualikor. Use this to open the Executioner’s Treasure. Its location varies, as you first need to find three Inquisitors for fighting, as well as their lieutenants, and then three Lightbearer Hive enemies.

To find the Inquisitors, pay attention to the message on the screen indicating that they are in your sector. Once these enemies are defeated, keep an eye out for the Deepsight node, which will lead you to a chest that requires Refined Qualicor to open. You will receive random loot and complete the Executioner Treasure Triumph.

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