Destiny 2 PSA: Stop what you’re doing and buy this gun from Xur right now

Ahead of the release of The Witch Queen on Tuesday, many Destiny 2 players I know were still on the Presage Exotic quest in hopes of getting a Dead Man’s Tale with the Vorpal Weapon perk. Previously, you only had one chance per account, per week to roll forward and seven possible benefits in the corresponding column, it was frankly nonsense. The Presage mission was completed with the launch of The Witch Queen, but to make up for that disappointment, Bungie announced that Xur, a weekend vendor, would sell one random Dead Man’s Tale tale per week. And don’t you know, he immediately came up with the product.

If you head to the Twisted Bay area in the European Dead Zone and from the spawn point go up the cliff on the left, you’ll find an old tentacled face selling DMT (as we’ll call it hereafter) complete with whirlwind weapons.

Why is the perk so desirable? Well, in PvE, DMT’s signature Cranial Spike perk sees growing damage stacks awarded for successful headshots. At 5x magnification, it is strong enough to deal serious damage even to large enemies and bosses. Vorpal Weapon adds another 20% to these enemies, making DMT very effective in endgame content like raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls. In addition, this season, the Artifact introduced a mod for the Scout’s anti-barrier rifle, further increasing the usefulness of DMT. In short, it destroys champions and also allows you to kill small enemies from a safe distance.

Also note that all Exotic Primary Weapons received 40% damage against red-striped enemies plus using one of these will increase the heavy ammo drop rate. I used DMT almost all the time in the brilliant legendary campaign this week and it put an absolute job. The pistol is also great in PvP (to the point that it has already eaten two nerfs and is still a horror) and since the Vorpal Weapon triggers a damage buff against enemy guards in their supers, it really is a meta in both modes.

Now the bad news. Xur is not going to part with DMT on the cheap. Purchasing the pistol will cost you a whopping 125K Shimmers, 1 Prime Shard, 1 Exotic Cipher (which it also sells) and 200 Legendary Shards. This is an empty wallet. But it’s definitely worth it. Other occasional benefits of this DMT are the extended barrel, stable cartridges and integrated buttstock. Not quite the perfect “bum” as both the barrel and stock are poorly controlled, but given that it could be long before he sells one with Vorpal again, you should definitely grab it now if you can. Happy headbanging.

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