Destiny 2: The Witch Queen servers down for weapon crafting hotfix

In a few weeks Destiny 2new witch queen expansion, Bungie tweaks a few pain points with weapon creation. The developer is working on improving the drop rates in the new Wellspring activity. In particular, the “red border”, Deepsight Resonance weapons will become more common after the update.

Players need these Deepsight Resonance versions of Wellspring weapons in order to eventually craft them, and they’ve been quite rare since launch. Two crafted weapons – the Come to Pass Automatic Rifle and the Tarnation Grenade Launcher – are also required for the new Exotic glaive quest. The hotfix, released on Thursday, resolves what has been a long and frustrating experience for many players.

The update also increases the rate of obtaining Ascendant Alloy, a rare material needed to craft items. These materials will drop more frequently from certain activities, and Master Rahul will have a two-for-one deal in the Tower to make up for the low material drop rate of the last few weeks.

At the time of this writing Fate 2, the servers are down and players can’t log in and play. The servers will be down until noon ET/9 am PT when they return to normal with the new patch. We will update this post with the full patch notes once the update is installed and the servers stabilize.

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