Destiny 2: Where To Find Ascendant Alloy

Weapon crafting has been introduced in Destiny 2’s latest The Witch Queen expansion, allowing for customization of gear. To learn more about this system, you can read about it in our Destiny 2 weapon crafting guide.

The main takeaway is that you will need several resources to form and reshape weapons, most of which are easily obtained from various world activity sources and by extracting materials from suitable weapons. But one weapon crafting resource that’s quite rare is Ascendant Alloy, which is used to craft improved perks on weapons. Currently, Ascendant Alloy can be found from several sources, and only one makes it easy to get – if you have enough Legendary Shards to burn them.

Where to find Ascendant Alloy

The best perks cost a lot Ascendant Alloy

Master Rahul

The first and easiest way to get Ascendant Alloy is from Rahul in the Tower. The Master Cyptarch now sells more useful items, including one Ascendant Alloy every week for the incredible price of 400 Legendary Shards. To give you an idea of ​​how expensive this is, scrapping a single legendary class weapon or piece of armor will give you three legendary shards, so you’ll have to drop 134 pieces of equipment every week to get a key weapon upgrade ingredient on a regular basis. Privilege.


Another source of Ascendant Alloy is the Banshee-44 Tower gunsmith, who is located opposite Rahul. Reach rank 16 with this merchant by completing bounties and dismantling equipment, and he will hand over valuable material.

Throneworld of Savatuna

Once you reach rank 13 in Savathun’s Throne World, you will have access to a weekly story mission of greater difficulty. Farm this mission, and Ascendant Alloy may drop as a reward. Once you reach rank 18, you will be able to take part in a more difficult version of the Source Quest, which also occasionally drops the Ascension Alloy.

These are the known methods of farming Ascendant Alloy so far, so for now, it’s best to stick with them until you need them. You’ll need to stock up on three of these if you want to boost the power of the new Osteo Striga exotic submachine gun, as this pistol requires three Ascendant Alloys to unlock its catalyst. It’s worth it, as the poisonous final blows will add ammo back to the SMG’s magazine.

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