Destiny 2 Witch Queen Where is Xur February 25, 2022

The Witch Queen is here in Destiny 2, and a lot has happened to her. You should definitely try out the legendary story campaign if you haven’t already. It can be quite difficult, but luckily Xur is here with a fresh batch of exotic weapons to help you out. Here’s where you can find him and what he’s selling.

Head to Screw Bay area EDZ finds Xur this week. For his weapon, Xur offers sun shot handgun. Hunters can pick up lucky pants leg armor; for the titans Doomfang Pauldrons mittens; and for Warlocks, Xur has Skull of the fierce Ahamkara helmet.

It’s not Xur’s best week. However – you’ll find that all three pieces of Xur’s Exotic Armor have relatively low stats, falling into the 48-50 range instead of the usual 58-66 range. This may have been done in order to not give players an additional advantage in the race to complete the new Witch Queen raid and become the first in the world. This week, you’ll only want to take one of his exotic armors if you need it for your collection…

Xur now also offers Hawkmoon as well as Dead Man’s Tale random rolls, as the actions that these exotics give as rewards have been removed from the game with the release of the Witch Queen. DMT Zura bears Vorpes Weaponwhich is one of the best benefits for PvP activities, along with Steady Roundswhile Hawkmoon turns on Hurricane center as well as alloy magazine. However, these rolls are expensive, requiring an exotic cipher, a huge amount of shimmer, and an ascension shard.

In terms of legendary weapons, Xur has a few items that could be a worthy addition to your arsenal. His Gnawing Hunger automatic rifle carries Autoloading holster as well as Multiple kill clips from Workshop work; a fun throws for PvE; the same is true for him Terrible Promise with these Autoloading holsterThug as well as A masterpiece of stability roll. For PVP, Wanderer’s Tale is worthy of getting with Autoloader holster; first shot Range Masterpieces Zur Frozen Orbit may have some useful versatility in both activities due to its Pictures of attractionsClown Cartridge, as well as Workshop work. None of them are god-rolls, but you can have fun with them.

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