Digimon Survive Gets A New Character-Focused Teaser Trailer

Here’s a new teaser trailer for Bandai Namco’s long-running Digimon Survive game,

Featuring the game’s characters and their Digimon companions. The trailer also gives a sneak peek at Digimon Survive’s in-game conversations, research, and tactical combat. This is the same trailer that debuted a few weeks ago at Digimon Con, where the game’s producer Kazumasa Habu asked fans to “wait a little longer” and stated that the game had a change in development teams. Privacy Policy

Digimon Survive revolves around high school student Takuma Momozuka who goes on a school trip only to find himself and his classmates in a mysterious world full of monsters. Players will have to make decisions that will change the outcome of history, as well as choose the path of evolution of their Digimon. Completing any of the game’s three routes, described as Morality, Harmony, or Fury, will unlock a potential fourth route. Each route takes about 40 hours to complete, Habu said.

While the title of the game may imply that it’s some kind of survival game

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