Discord is coming back online after nearly 3 hours

Update 12:47 pm PDT: Discord has now turned to message back on, stating that “for now, all functionality has been restored, and the service is working as intended.”

Update 12:01 PST: Discord is in the process of restoring the service, writes: “The fix is ​​working, and traffic is returning to the network. While we are working to restore the full service. Other features remain unresolved. restored, media embedding may not work correctly at this time.”

The original story is below.

No, it’s not just you: Discord is currently unavailable. The chat platform’s engineers have been investigating issues with its service since 9:16 am PT Tuesday, which began with “an increase in API bugs and pushes notification bugs.” Fix attempts have uncovered a related issue with Discord streaming. And the situation has now escalated into a complete crash. “While monitoring this issue, a new problem came up that caused a significant API crash. Oncall engineers are working to remedy this situation—discord status Web site. The Discord API is down as of 10:40 am PST. This means that messages on the Discord servers cannot be sent or received. Voice chat still works fine.

Discord has had two more notable outages in recent months. In February, the #discorddown hashtag was trending on Twitter as people were having trouble signing in or sending messages. But that was short-lived: 20 minutes after posting. He investigated the issue, Discord updated with a fix. Discord had a more significant glitch in January. Which, like today’s, was a “widespread API glitch” that prevented users from logging in or sending messages for several hours. Between 11:49 am and 12:30 pm PST on January 26. Discord identified and fixed the issues that caused the crash. But it took another two hours to get back to the entire operation. Given the nature of today’s outage, Discord may take a while to get back to 100% even after a fix.


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