Does For Honor Have Crossplay Support On PS5, Xbox Or PC?

Good news, For honor players, Ubisoft has announced that next week the 2017 online game will finally get cross-play support as part of the game’s next season. Granted, it took over five years to complete, but it should help speed up matchmaking time, which is always nice.

10th of March, Ubisoft has released a short blog post confirming that cross-platform play is coming soon. For honor. As explained in the post, crossplay will be implemented in two phases. The first phase will begin on March 17 and will allow players on Xbox, PlayStation and PC to play together in PvE and PvP modes through matchmaking.

The second phase, which has no release date, will expand crossplay to support private matches and group play. According to Ubisoft, they chose to release the cross-platform game this way because the first phase was ready early and the publisher wanted to bring the feature into the game to help improve matchmaking times as early as possible.

Please note that when playing For honor crossplay, players will not be able to use voice chat. Ubisoft claims that this is due to technical issues that could not be resolved. PC players can still use text chat to communicate with each other, but console players won’t see these messages.

If you don’t want to play with other players on other platforms, Ubisoft will let people opt out of crossplay. This will allow you to use voice chat again and avoid any PC hacking shenanigans that may come up. However, Ubisoft is warning players that disabling crossplay will likely result in increased matchmaking time as most players will not opt ​​out of the new feature.

In our post-fortnite Peace, crossplay has become more common over the past few years. This is great! However, this often new games that launch with cross-platform play support. You can rarely see the old name like For honorreceive crossplay support five years after launch. Although this is not unheard of. For example, last year it was announced that Warframe will get full crossplay and cross-save support.

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