Don’t miss these seven Elden Ring NPCs before you leave Limgrave

Elden Ring may have the most opaque history of Souls yet, but it’s still easy to accidentally miss some of its early NPCs and quests. Elden Ring also doesn’t have a quest log, so you’re left to keep track of these things manually or from memory, like in past Souls games. Don’t let the first merchants and quest givers in Limgrave escape your sight: it’s worth stopping by to chat with them, get new spells and quests, and sometimes even have a laugh.

Before you start exploring areas that are too far away, make sure you meet the important NPCs that Elden Ring expects you to encounter. I’m assuming you’ve been talking to Melina Maiden of Fingers, the first Santa Claus-like itinerant trader at Ellen Church, and Roderica at Stormhill’s shack. They all fall right on your way to the first Elden Ring boss Margit, and you are unlikely to miss them. There are other nomad merchants you’ll also want to visit – one on the beach south of Coastal Cave and one on the road east of Saintsbridge – they’ll sell you crafting recipes and other useful items. You will also encounter several other characters and merchants in the Round Table lobby once Melina sends you there for the first time.

Beyond those basics, there are all the other people you’ll want to meet at the start of Elden Ring, some of which are much easier to miss.


Type: Merchant (Roc War)

Location: Warrior’s Hut

I know more than one person who has managed to completely miss Bernal and the Warrior’s Hut, the Place of Grace. If you’re playing one of the Elden Ring classes that uses melee weapons, you won’t want to miss it. He sells some Ashes of War which are handy to slam on your swords. You will find it and the Place of Grace on the northern road to Limgrave between Storm Hills Shack and Saintsbridge.

Kenneth Haight

Type: Quest giver

Location: Outskirts of Mistwood

If you keep to the roads while exploring Elden Ring, you will hear Kenneth calling you just north of the Misty Forest, but I managed to bypass it by accident for a few hours. Kenneth is one of the first quest givers in Elden Ring who will ask you to clear Fort Haight not far south of the Misty Forest. He will give you an Erdsteel Dagger for your efforts. You would think that a guy with a fort in his name would give big thank you gifts, but oh well.


Type: Quest giver

Location: Church of Elle

Known as Renna the first time you meet her, this witch hands you a Spirit Summoning Bell, which you absolutely need if you want to summon Spirit Ashes as your battle comrades. You might miss her if you don’t visit Elleh Church at night, so make sure you stop and see her before you get too far. Meeting Renna also unlocks a quest chain, which you can follow closely in our Ranny quest guide.

 Sorceress Sellen

Type: Merchant (Sorcery)

Location: Waypoint ruin cellar

It’s easy to overlook a visit to Selene, as she’s tucked away in a tiny, easy-to-miss dungeon at the foot of a staircase in ruins. Read our guide to finding the Site of Grace in Waypoint Ruins for more details. If you’re looking for new spells, Sellen is a merchant you won’t want to miss.

Type: Quest giver

Location: Saintsbridge

Alexander is hard to miss, but after all the love for Elden Ring’s talking boys, you’ll want to make sure you don’t snub him. Alexander will call you from above as you head east towards Saintsbridge on the road in the northern part of Limgrave. Freeing him from the brine he fell into will start his quest chain. You’ll run into him a few more times throughout the game, so pay attention to where he says he’s heading next.


Type: Quest giver 

Location: Foggy Forest Ruins

Bladed is another easy-to-miss encounter, so be sure to check out our guide on how to get this wolfman out of the tower. You will find him sitting on top of the Misty Forest Ruins in the middle of the forest. Summoning him down will start a quest chain with numerous encounters between you and the resident wolf guy in Elden Ring, so don’t miss meeting him early on.

D, Hunter of the Dead

Type: Merchant (Spells)

Location: Outskirts of Summonwater Village, Round Table Keep

You will initially find D on the outskirts of the Summonwater village after you kill the boss in the small pond. You can also meet him for the first time in the hold of the Round Table, where he will hang out and sell you spells. D is especially useful in showing you the easy way to the Beast Sanctuary, where you can buy special Beast Spells.

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