Drop what you’re doing right now and bathe these majestic capybaras

Every morning I wake up with the fear of a new day.

What new torments will I have to endure, I think as I start my routine by roaring at the sky before heading out into the rain to walk my dog. But today was different. There was a spring in my step as I scooped up the poop. This is because I knew I would spend some time with the happiest critters at Capybara Spa. I urge your heart not to melt as you watch a group of capybaras take a bath, and this is what Capybara Spa is all about. You have some dirty friends who need a bath that you have to provide for them. Your reward? Seeing the smiles on their faces. As well as the money you can use to make your spa even more relaxing. This is wonderful.

You start with a small group of dirty buddies and can quickly build your first bath to dip them in. When they’re in the bath, they look so damn happy that I’m not sure if I want to pet them or just be them. They have a better life. Now, despite always being happy, these critters still have needs beyond a warm bath – they would like snacks, atmosphere, and good company. Sometimes they want to wear a flower on their head.

All of this can be provided by your spa. Once you clear the place, you can set up small beds to grow carrots, which the capybaras love to nibble on, and after you level up while taking care of your new friends, you can start growing fruits and flowers, or placing decorations to decorate the place. .

Creature agreement

It is an armed attraction aimed straight at your heart. They have small parachutes! You can pick up your capybara guests, and when you drop them off, parachutes will appear. I don’t know where they got them from, but there’s something oddly comforting about watching your furry friends slowly float across the land. It should look shabby, but I think they look very elegant. Need more cuteness? Adorable baby capybaras will also visit the spa and by upgrading your baths and mud baths, they will be able to join the adults. I always feel like I did a good job when I watch them walk away, lying on the back of an adult, so happy they can barely move. Other animals may also jump into the tub, including frogs and ducks. Capybaras just want to be friends with everyone.

What is commendable about these noble beings is that they are never dissatisfied.

Even if you are a little busy and forgot to feed them delicious strawberries, they will be fine. They don’t mind waiting. The water is warm, there are friends around – what should they complain about? But if you’re starting to feel a little guilty, or just want to maintain your five-star reputation, you can enlist the help of a variety of helpful bugs, starting with butterflies.

It’s all very Disney-like, watching insects ferry fruit into the waiting mouths of some jubilant capybaras. It is certainly a testament to their wonderful nature and excellent reputation that other animals seem more than happy to take care of them. And it’s definitely not minded control. Look, I thought it was strange that everyone (and every animal) that encountered them actually became their servants, but then I saw a capybara with a flower on its head eating strawberries in a mud bath, and I forgot what I was worried about.

The user interface isn’t brilliant and I got stuck a couple of times with some blueprints, but other than that Capybara Spa is an absolute delight. It’s just a five Steam and if you’ve had a shitty day, this is sure to cheer you up. Go make new friends and give them a bath.

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