Dungeons & Dragons fans can play the new Critical Role adventure online

Fans of Critical Role who don’t have a permanent playgroup are in for a treat.

The League of Adventurers Dungeons & Dragons, hosted by the Wizards of the Coast gaming program, will guide players through Critical Role: Call of the Void history. The new adventure module, released on Tuesday, is currently being adapted for organized play. Sessions start March 18th.

The latest version of the D&D Adventurer’s League is operated by Baldman Games. This allows players to pay a nominal fee (currently around $15). To secure a seat at the table for a four-hour session led by an experienced master. Founder David Crist has led the web in 2020 by bringing the entire program. To various virtual tables including Roll20, Fantasy Grounds and Foundry VTT. The league is still going strong. With most of his activities are organized in Discord.

Polygon spoke quickly to Baldman organizer Spencer Navarra-Chu

Who explained that contractors working for Wizards were busy. Cutting the 224-page campaign book into manageable chunks. The goal is to divide it into several four-hour segments, each with a beginning, middle and end. Players will register to try them out one by one, each time sitting down to play with a completely different group of players. Character progress, including leveling up and looting, will continue.

The result is a D&D game that isn’t as open-ended as the ones you might play at home.

Players are discouraged from deviating from the main storyline, mainly due to the need to take stock in a timely manner and prepare players for the next part of the campaign. But the advantage is that you don’t need a regular group to experience the full story. You can appear at the table along with your character and know that everyone else who joins you is aware and ready to continue the story.

Registration is already open for the gaping portal, the official online registration tool for the D&D Adventurer’s League. Those starting at level 1 can sign up for the Frozen Sick adventure to start right now. Options for players joining at higher levels will be provided soon. Head to Baldman Discord for more information, including a list of books and rules that will be allowed to create your character.

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