Elden Ring Ancestor Spirit: Flame pillar locations

Want to know how to unlock Ancestral Spirit in Elden Ring? If you’ve already traveled to the magnificent underground region – accessed via the well of the Elden Ring Siofra River – you’ve probably spotted this big old temple with lamps on the outside, and the body of a giant deer inside that seems to be wearing out a little worse. This is one of the more obvious tweaks we’ve seen in FromSoftware games when it comes to Elden Ring bosses.

But how do you unlock the Siofra River Boss? Well, it’s a puzzle game that sees you exploring a new region: you’ll light pillars of fire while trying to avoid giant crabs and shots from minotaur archers. The Siofra River is a harsh region, and I certainly do not recommend going here right away.

However, here’s what you need to do to unlock the Ancestor Spirit boss and the Elden Ring fire pillar locations that you’ll need to find.

Elden Ring Ancestor Spirit: All Flame Pillar Locations

From the Place of Grace on the banks of the Siofra River, you may have noticed that the temple with the deer inside, Hallowhorn Land, has eight unlit torches on the front. In the middle of the river in front of him is a pillar with a pillar. Light this, and one of the torches on the temple steps will light up.

So, you are going to search all over the Siofra River for the seven corresponding Elden Ring fire pillars to be ignited. In the screenshot above, you can see all the relevant places marked with diamonds. The skull symbol marks a portal that will take you to the northern end of the map, passing the crabs and minotaur men in between. You can also see three Places of Grace on the Siofra River and a temple in the Hallowhorn lands with a boss in the southeast.

All columns look the same as the first, but most of them are guarded by minotaurs and rats, so it’s best to sneak where you can. It is also easiest to fight male minotaurs on horseback, although beware of their offensive attacks. The enemy you really need to be aware of is the Archer Minotaurs, who have a very long range and are nearly impossible to dodge. These archers are especially troublesome in the northern part of the map, so be sure to sneak or move from cover to cover.

Once you’ve lit all eight pillars of fire, you’ll receive a message and can return to the Hallowhorn area to try out the boss. Touch the deer, and you will be transported to the boss arena. Honestly, this is one of the most atmospheric bosses in the game, so enjoy.

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