Elden Ring armor sets guide

Surely you are looking for the best Elden Ring armor sets. But calling any armor “the best” in the FromSoftware game is really inappropriate as different sets of armor are good for different purposes. Armor sets are usually no better than each other, but individually they are best suited for one specific task, such as fitting an assembly while offering a certain type of protection. Or it just looks really cool.

In this Elden Ring Armor guide, I’ll go over some of my favorite sets I’ve found in the game, what they’re for, and where to find them. But just like in Dark Souls, you can always wear armor just because you like how it looks since anything above a certain level will get a hit or two anyway. In terms of the balance of looks and protection, most of the sets below are pretty good.

Best Elden Ring Armor Sets


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  • Dungeon Armor. Possibly the heaviest in the game, but boasts excellent damage defense and resistances.

Location: You all probably remember Dung Eater as the guy who was hanged in the opening video. Around the same time you cross over to Lindell, the capital, the Dung Eater will appear as a red phantom in the lobby of the Round Table, in the room next to the twin shells. He will ignore you until you get the Curse of the Seedbed from his mirror location in the Round Table Keep in the city, which is behind the large gate at the end of the road with Erdtree’s avatar.

Return to him and you will receive the key to the Lindell Sewers. You can access them by going down the stairs from the avenue balcony and jumping over the wall on the left to find a well that you can climb down. Make your way through the Underground Avoidances until you find a Dung Eater locked in a cell. The path to it takes you past giant plants and upstairs instead of downpipes.

Now if you kill him you will get his armor and his sword. Keep in mind, however, that he is very difficult to fight due to his aggression and shouting skills that reduce your damage negation.

Crucible Wood

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  • Worn by the leader of the Crucible Knights of Siluria. This set also has a great defense and amplifies Aspects of the Crucible spells.

Location: You can find this armor set in a chest behind where you fight Crucible Knight Siluria in Deeproot Depths. If you’ve found your way into the dungeon, you’ll find a boss in the northern part, on the westernmost tip, guarding a hollowed-out tree. It’s not that hard to defeat him on horseback, you just need to be aware that he jumps into the air and lunges at you or fires projectiles.

Pure rot

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  • Armor is worn by the Pure Rot Knights of Melania. This set boasts one of the highest immunity stats in the game, making it ideal for dealing with poison or scarlet rot.

Location: Dropped by Pure Rot Knights. The best place to farm them is in the Shadowed Citadel just north across the valley from Great Elevator Elden-Ring Decius. Keep walking until you enter the region of Mount Gelmir, where you will find a castle that has sunk into the poisonous swamps. Pure Rot Knights are on the top level.

royal remains

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  • A set was worn by Ensha, the tough guy who hangs around at Ofnir’s office door. This set slowly regenerates health when it decreases.

Location: At a certain point in the game, you will return to the hold of the Round Table and find that it looks different, and Ensha will suddenly attack you. Kill him and you will get this armor set and his Clinging Bone weapon. When you ask Ofnir, he will explain that Ensha has become too big for his boots.

Leo Radan

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  • The armor is worn by Starscourge Radan. Even though it is heavier, it has excellent all-around protection and more importantly, a great helmet.

Location: This set can be purchased from Finger Reader Enia after you defeat Radan in Redmayne Castle.


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  • The closest you’ll get is the onion knight armor from Dark Souls. Lionel’s set is very heavy but provides excellent protection and durability.

Location: In Lindell, the capital. Go down the stairs from the balcony to the avenue and jump over the wall on the left to the roof. Look to your left and you will see a small open doorway. Drop into the sewer on the left, go up the stairs and go inside to find her on the bed.


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  • The half wolf’s armor is very cool and has decent protection and durability for its weight.

Location: You will get this by defeating Bladed (Wolfman from the Elden Ring on the tower) as well as his Royal Greatsword. Since his wolf helmet is actually his face, you’ll have to get it from somewhere else. Head to Seluvis Rise and wall jump to the side to go around the back and find the wolf helmet that comes with this set.

black knife

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  • Assassin armor with a black knife. Lightweight but with balanced protection, perfect for evasive agile players.

Location: Found on a body under an arch in the town of Ordina. You can get there by grabbing the Haligtree medallion, using the Grand Lift of Rold to travel to the region and sneak into the city to the north.


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  • The light dress is worn by Fia, the companion of her deathbed. It doesn’t offer many defenses, but it does have good survivability.

Location: Found in the same room as Lionel’s set above.


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  • Outfit of Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. This set offers great magic, fire, lightning, and holiness resistance, plus a large hat.

Location: You can purchase this set from Enya’s Finger Reader when you defeat Rennala, the Full Moon Queen in Lukaria’s Paradise Academy.

Journey of the nobility

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  • If you’re looking for something lighter that’s a little prettier than fabric, this set is a great choice. It pairs well with Roderica’s Crimson Hood for health boosts, or the blue hood it comes with for intelligence boosts.

Location: Altus Plateau. Head all the way north to East Windmill Pasture to find a group of women dancing around a corpse. Here you can pick up the costume as well as the Knight’s Dual Blade, but be careful as the women will be aggressive when you pick it up.

And this is one of the best Elden Ring armor sets. We will definitely keep adding them as we have more good ones.

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