Elden Ring Blaidd quest guide

Stuck trying to complete the Elden Ring Blaidd quest?

Or maybe you’re trying to see if you can get his wolf armor. Bladed is just one of the many NPCs you’ll encounter in the Netherlands. Some of them may seem insignificant at the first meeting, but you may miss out on interesting knowledge or valuable items if you are not diligent. You will most likely run into Bladed a few times during your exploration, but you can start his quest quite early. If you are after Bladed armor, however, you’ll have to wait until the end of the game – and after you’ve completed a whole separate quest chain – before you can get it. Here’s what you need to know about Bladed in Elden Ring, including how to start his quest and where to get his armor.

There are a few minor spoilers ahead, so click now if you’re unsure.

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Quest Elden Ring Blaidd: Where to find Darryl

Initially, Bladed is located in the ruins of the Misty Forest in West Limgrave. You need to talk to the Kale merchant in the Elle church after your first visit to the ruins to get the “click” gesture needed to get The wolfman descends from the tower(Blade). Once you’ve done that, talk to him, and he’ll tell you he’s looking for Darryvil. How does this happen? Darrivil is further south, in the abandoned hound Evergaol. To quickly travel to the southern place of grace at Agil Lake, and then head to the location on the map below. Step into the center of the large round stone area and look at the glowing disc in the middle to enter.

You can summon Bladed with his Old Ring Spirit Ashes to help you in this battle – his yellow summon sign is on the ground, next to the glowing circle where you arrived. You don’t need to summon him; simply defeating Darrywil will complete this quest step. You will also receive a Curved Two-Handed Sword Bloodhound’s Fang as a reward. Talk to Bladed again, this time outside of Evergaol. He will give you a Grim Forge Stone (2), but keep talking to him until he mentions the blacksmith. When you later get to this area – right in front of Kariya Manor in West Lyurnia – and talk to Iji, you can tell that Bladed sent you. This opens the Carian Filigreed Crest, Talisman of the Ancient Ring, which reduces the FP consumption of skills.

Image 1 of 3Quest Elden Ring Blade

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Quest Elden Ring Blade

Forsworn Hound – Evergaol location. (Image courtesy of Software)

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Quest Elden Ring Blade

Abandoned Hound Evergaol. (Image courtesy of Software)

How to get Bladed’s armor

If your heart is set on Bladed’s armor, you’ll need to do quite a bit first. You will need to complete another quest, which features quite a lot of the wolfman. Our Elden Ring Ranni Quest Guide should help you with each of the steps. After you complete Ranni’s quest and get the Darkmoon Greatsword from her, return to Ranni’s Rise, and you should find Bladed outside, although he is now hostile towards you. Defeating him will reward you with Bladed’s set and his two-handed sword. The Black Wolf Mask to complete the set is on a corpse behind Seluvis Rise, nearby.

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