Elden Ring boss weapons guide

You are looking for how to unlock the Elden Ring boss weapon? When you defeat the boss in Elden Ring, you will receive a “Memory” instead of a soul. You can use them to get a bunch of runes or craft a signature weapon or boss spell. For example, after Godric is defeated, you will receive a Memory of the Grafted. But before you can do anything with it, you need to find a specific NPC to help you, and we’re here to show you how to unlock them.

 How to get the Elden Ring boss weapon

So, in order to find an NPC to help you, head to Limgrave Tower Bridge, on the east side of Stormvale Castle, past the garden with that dreaded lion enemy. From there, you’ll have to fight east along the bridge – past the three Ruin Golems – to get to Limgrave’s Divine Tower beyond. These enemies are strong, so I recommend killing those with halberds behind cover from the archer by cutting their ankles to knock them down. Either that or run if you feel overwhelmed.

After the enemies are defeated or escaped, you can use the portal that jumps over the broken sections of the bridge. Climb the tower from the other side and touch with your fingers at the top, which will give you the Great Rune of Godric. Now return to the hold of the Round Table, and you will find that the double doors at the top of the stairs are not locked. Climb to the top of this fearsome tower to find Godric’s great rune. (Image courtesy of Software)

The NPC you are looking for – Finger Reader Enia – is inside. She will trade you any memory you get from the boss for one of their spells or weapons, although this can also cost a few runes.

How to get boss costumes

Getting boss clothes is much easier than getting their weapons. Once the boss has been defeated, visit Enya and find out what boss gear you can buy from her. It’s worth noting that not every outfit will be available, but most others can be purchased with runes.

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