Elden Ring Carian Study Hall unlock guide

If you are wondering how to unlock the Elden Ring Carian Training Hall, this guide will help you. After you’ve defeated Rennala Full Moon in Lukaria’s Paradise Academy, you might want to unlock her Greater Old Ring Rune in the Divine Tower of Liguria, in the east of the region.

If you’ve made your way inside and managed to get past this rather angry female sorceress, you’ve no doubt found that you can’t go any further. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the real version of the Carian Study Hall Elden Ring so you can walk your dangerous path.

How to unlock the Carian Training Hall in Elden Ring

Looking around, you may have noticed that there is room for an item on the altar as soon as you enter the hall. That’s where the Carian inverted statue goes. Once you place the statue on the altar, it will turn over to the Carian Training Hall.

In order to get this item, you must complete Ranni’s quest, at least to the point of discovering Nocron City, obtaining the Fingerkiller’s Blade, and returning to Ranni to receive an upside-down statue of Kariya in return. There are a lot of pretty difficult quest steps, so you’d better check out our Elden Ring Ranni quest guide for a complete walkthrough up to this point. It’s still a very difficult area to get through, and the inversion makes it a little more dangerous, but it will at least get you through.

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