Elden Ring Chest Hides Sinister Trap (And It’s Not A Mimic)

I encountered my first ancient ring trap. It was designed to look like a treasure chest, safely tucked away in the low-level area of ​​FromSoftware’s latest RPG, but it took me on a whirlwind journey through some of the most troubling parts of the game’s crumbling world. I was in my ancient ring walkthrough, exploring the lands around the lake, named after the dragon Agil, in the game region of Limgrave. I knew from early previews that the boss fight against the massive serpent would start if I ventured too far into the shallow waters of the lake, so instead of using my noble steed Torrent to gallop, I made my way on foot. I eventually spotted the Dragon-Burned Ruins in which a group of torch-wielding villains chanted Aguila’s name and slowly crept closer.

Defeating these enemies was a piece of cake, even after I didn’t notice their huge companion dogs until it was too late. I approached the fight, like so many others, in those early hours with ancient ring: Get as close as you can without arousing suspicion, summon a few ghost wolves to follow my orders, and take out my enemies from a long distance with spear and fire spells whenever the opportunity arises. It’s not glamorous but gets the job done, and more importantly, keeps me as safe as possible.

After slaying Agil’s superfans, I began scouring the dilapidated buildings for loot, all the while keeping an eye on the horizon in case the dragon responded to the calls of its adoring public. I didn’t find anything worthwhile until I saw this. Treasure chest, a small gap between its lid and body shines with light. He almost called me, begging me to open it I have to. It was a rare opportunity for me so early ancient ring and I was not going to let excessive caution keep me from my prize.

Like most souls, Fans already know that FromSoftware loves to set traps in treasure chests. Sometimes treasure chests are alive. They’re called mimics, and they’re big assholes if they catch you off guard. But it was not a mimic. A mimic that I could handle without breaking a sweat, and after defeating him, there would still be some treasure to look forward to. No, it was completely different. Upon opening the chest, I found myself enveloped in a thick purple mist, a warning message that I was being teleported against my will.

Through one surprisingly long loading screen, I found myself in a small shack. The pop-up notification for the region indicated that I was somewhere called the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. I saw a rocky staff-wielding humanoid walk past the building’s doorway and immediately squatted down to hide my presence. Upon entering the cave, I noticed similar people using magical tools to chip away streaks of bright ore in the ground and walls. On the roof of the shack, I had just left, stood a strange, beetle-like creature with several arms, watching the workmen like a foreman or overseer.

Foolishly, I thought I could talk to this centipede and tried to jump onto the platform it was occupying I missed. He saw me and immediately unleashed a series of deadly spikes that decimated my health bar so much that a second offscreen volley was enough to finish me off in the blink of an eye. “Well, this is the end,” I thought to myself, assuming that this death would act like many others in my life Ancient Ring, and send me back to my last checkpoint. My heart sank when I woke up in the same place, the familiar sounds of the miners carried through the cave.

Embargo Kotaku agreed in exchange for an early ancient ring. The code means I can’t show you anything from my harrowing journey through the Cellia Crystal Tunnel. Not that it’s all that exciting, although it’s a great place if you can ignore all the bugs trying to kill you. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to enjoy the surroundings. For dozens of attempts, I ran through the cave system in search of an exit; each time I visited the map, the game informed me that I would not be able to fast travel to a safe place until I found an exit. And although I was able to loot some good treasures along the way, the whole experience upset me immensely. Of course, not in a bad way, just in the way that is often the case in FromSoftware games.

All this time I was thinking about Bloody, in particular, the place where his world is surrounded by creatures known as the Reavers. These tall, hooded figures appear after defeating the Bloodthirsty Beast, and if they kill you, they imprison you in an area that, like Sellia’s Crystal Tunnel, is far beyond your reach at that point in history. Both scripts are really just ways to make their games huge jerks. But I have to admit, it’s quite fun to drop into high-level dungeons and collect some items earlier than is usually possible. Also, I can now teleport to Sellia’s Crystal Tunnel and its surrounding regions whenever I want, giving me quick access to all of their prized treasures when I am finally able to deal with the dangers they pose.

Ancient Ring is the seventh product from FromSoftware souls-as since the official founding of the pseudo-genre since 2009 Demon Souls. By now, those of us who played all the games released by the company’s sadistic developers at the time are starting to get used to their shenanigans. This treasure chest, as simple as it sounds on paper, is a necessary evolution of the ordinary soul nonsense style. Poison swamps? Of course, yes, whatever. Broken bridges? I’m over it. Mimics?

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