Elden Ring Co-Op: How To Play Multiplayer

Co-op play in Elden Ring is the optimal way to play for many players, but as usual, the operating system is a bit more complicated than you might be used to if you’re not the type who tends to jump into From Software games. The path to multiplayer in Elden Ring takes a few steps, but once you’ve completed the process, you can quickly join or invite friends and newfound allies. Here’s everything you need to know about how to play Elden Ring in co-op.

Elden Ring: how to play co-op

When you arrive in The Lands Between, you will by default play the games in single-player mode, but you can easily change this by using the item that you will start the game with once you have completed the tutorial.

The first thing you need to do is check the net game settings system options menu. You’ll see options for playing across regions, voice, chat, and more. Set them to suit your preferences, including possibly turning off co-op entirely by selecting launch setup offline. But since you’re here, you’ll most likely want to play co-op, so here’s what you need to know.

In the game menu – I’m hesitant to call it the pause menu since you can’t pause Elden Ring – you’ll see three odd items when you click on multiplayer: Finger Cleaver, Tarnished Coiled Finger, and Small Golden Effigy. Each of them has specific goals related to the multiplayer game.

These golden summons are essentially an invitation to join co-op with other players.

Tarnished curled finger: Leaves gold conscription badge play cooperative multiplayer. You can only place one Summon Token, so when you place a new old one, your previous Gold Summon Token will be removed. In other players’ worlds, they can see your golden summon badge, and if they interact with it, they will join your game.

Little golden scarecrow: sends a joint call sign to several nearby conscription pools (only activated pools). This essentially tells the game that you want to join a multiplayer session, and it could mean that you are pulled into another player’s world at any time after activating this.

Finger Severer: This allows you to disband a co-op session with your ally, sending them out of your multiplayer session and returning both of you to a single player.

If you want to invite a specific player, you can set a multi-user password and you will only be matched with other players using the same password. This works primarily as a game invite, allowing you and other specific players to play together without allowing other randomly selected players to join or have you as their co-op partner.

You can also create up to five group passwords which allow you to filter messages, summon marks, bloodstains, phantoms and other multiplayer elements from those who do not use your group passwords. This is useful because many player messages can be deceptive or even absurd, so using a group password will help you only receive environmental messages from players you trust.

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