Elden Ring Crafting Kit and Cookbook locations

Like many open-world games, Elden Ring features crafting. In the end, you’ll want to know how to make your own Elden Ring weapons, poison darts, and Torrent snacks on the go. And luckily, getting into the craft is pretty easy. All you need is an Elden ring-making kit and then various cookbooks scattered around the world. When you’re done, your trusty steed won’t need anything else.

First, get into the habit of picking up materials wherever you see them. From the very beginning of the game, you will see a lot of flowers, mushrooms, and strange shiny objects to collect. Get in the habit of picking up everything you see: you never know what you might need next.

This guide shows all the Elden Ring cookbooks I have found so far and their locations. I will update this list as we learn more.

Getting a crafting kit

How to get a crafting kit in Elden Ring

You can do it very early. Upon exiting the Cave of Knowledge, you will find the Grace Site of the First Step. Go north, and you will see a dilapidated building that houses the Elle church. Here you will find the very first merchant in the game that offers a set for 300 runes. You should also purchase the Nomadic Warrior Cookbook and the Missionary Cookbook.

How to craft

How to craft in Elden Ring

Go to your menu, and you will find the Crafting Items option. You can create items on the go. Conveniently.

Elden Ring Cookbook Locations We’ve Already Found

nomadic warrior

Elden Ring Nomadic Warrior cookbooks

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook 1: Church of the Merchant Ellen

  • bone marrow
  • Bone marrow (with plumage)
  • Bone Bolt

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook 2: Church of the Merchant Ellen

  • glowing stone
  • Invigorating jerky
  • Invigorating white cured meats

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook 3: saintsbridge merchant

  • Marinated tortoise neck
  • Poison Arrow
  • Poison Arrow (Feathered)
  • Venom Bone Bolt

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook 4: On a corpse in the Foggy Forest, near the well of the Siofra River.

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook 6: Fort Haight, in a chest in a room at the top of the main stairs.

  • Blood Grease
  • Bloody grease on a lace
  • blood arrow
  • Blood Arrow (with plumage)
  • blood arrow

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook 7: North of the entrance to Stormvale Castle is a broken bridge on a corpse at the end.

  • soft cotton
  • Continuous boluses
  • Rainbow Stone Arrow

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook 11: Merchant from the shore of Lake Liurnia

  • crystal dart
  • Spell-Proof Dried Liver
  • fragmentation arrow

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook 14: Smoldering Church of Grace

  • poison pot
  • Rope Pot of Poison
  • poison dart

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook 15: Merchant at the gates of Calydon Castle

  • Rotten Arrow
  • Rotten Bone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Rotten Bone Bolt


Elden Ring Missionary Cookbooks

 Missionary Cookbook 1: Church of the Merchant Ellen

  • Pot of holy water
  • Rope pot with holy water

Missionary Cookbook 3: Smoldering Church of Grace

Flintstone Artisan

Elden Ring Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbooks

Flintstone Artisan Cookbook 1: In the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace (in the northwest cemetery), dropped by a noble

Flintstone Craftsman 2 cookbook: to be specified


Elden Ring Flavor cookbooks

Cookbook Flavor 1: to be specified


Elden Ring Gunsmith Cookbooks

Gunsmith Cookbook 1: In the camp southeast of the ruins at the gate.

  • Fire Grease
  • Lubricant for shoelaces
  • Refractory Dried Liver

Gunsmith Cookbook 2: Coastal Cave Merchant

  • Firebolt
  • Fire arrow (with plumage)
  • Firebolt
  • Neutralizing boluses

Gunsmith Cookbook 3: Vendor southeast of Mistywood Ruins

Gunsmith Cookbook 4: to be specified

Gunsmith Cookbook 5: to be specified

  • Dried meat immunization
  • Immunization of white jerky

Gunsmith Cookbook 7: to be specified

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