Elden Ring Deathblight builds are ruining PvP

Using certain weapons and a spell, these players can repeatedly place a debuff on enemies that instantly kills them, and what’s even worse. If done right, it can lock you into animation to never die unless you forcibly exit.

Those using the “Deathblight” build use two powerful items: the Eclipse Shotel weapon and the Fire’s Deadly Sin spell. Ash of War’s Death Flare attack on the Eclipse Shotel inflicts a death effect on enemies. Death Disease is an average poison meter that builds upon repeated exposure. Still, once it’s complete, it instantly kills you with a gruesome animation as your character pierces through the thorns. Non-PvP players have probably experienced this with some PvE enemies such as basilisks.

In a pair that’s probably unintentional, combining Death Flare’s Eclipse Shotel attack with a Deadly Sin of fire spell that would typically set you on fire creates a permanent lethal AoE for as long as the period lasts. In this state, players only need to stand close to enemies to inflict Fatal Corruption quickly. This unfortunate combination resulted in many players invading other people’s worlds to haunt them until they died with little to no help. According to Tiny, the only way out was to force them to stop doing it or close the game.

the_horrendous_state_of_invasion_pvp_warning from r/Eldenring

“Keep in mind: The only reason I was able to get out of this is that another invader showed up and got their attention,” they wrote.

Some of us at PC Gamer also got our asses kicked by this build of Deathblight and the like.

This build also works with bleeding and frostbite and can even affect friendly summons. None of this seems fair, and it’s unclear if FromSoftware is aware of the exploit. The assembly has existed since the release of the game. If you’re planning on PvP, be mindful that you may run into someone doing this and have to accept defeat or hit ALT-F4 in your game.

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