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If you’ve found the Root of Death in your bags, you might be wondering where it came from and what to do with it. Stuck trying to figure out what the Elden Ring Deathroot is used for? You will pick up many items while looting enemies and Bosses Elden Ring or from chests scattered throughout the Netherlands.

Death Root is classified as a critical item in Elden Ring so that you can find it in the appropriate tab in your inventory. It is used as a currency for certain NPCs, and in typical Souls fashion, even this is not as easy as it might seem. Here’s what you need to know about the root of death in Elden Ring, including where to find it and where you can use it.

Elden Ring Deathroot Locations

The best way to get the Death Root is to take it and kill it. Tibia Mariner bosses. They can be found in a few different places, but the first thing you’ll most likely encounter is Water Summoning Village in the northeastern part of East Limgrave. It can also be found in the Ruins of Wyndham on Mount Gelmir and next to the Carian training hall in Liguria lakes.

In addition to the boss drop, you can find Death Root inside a chest in Death-touched catacombs in Limgrave after defeating the Black Knife Assassin boss.

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Where to use Death Root in Elden Ring

Once you’ve unlocked the Round Table Keep, talk to D, the Hunter of the Dead, and he’ll tell you about Summonwater Village. After you’ve researched and defeated the Tibia Sailor and obtained the Deathroot item, you can talk to D again, and he will tell you about Gurranka, the Beast Priest, an NPC located in the Beast Sanctuary in Dragon Mound. A portal there will take you straight to where it marks for you.

Gurrank will exchange items if you give the Deathroot. Here’s what it gives you for each root of death, in the order they were given:

  • One source of death: Seal of claws (weapon)
  • Two seeds of death: Beast Sling (spell)
  • Three roots of death: Beast Vitality (spell)
  • Four sources of death: Roar of the Beast (Ashes of War)
  • Five Roots of Death: Beast Claw (spell)

Be prepared after handing over the fourth Death Root, as Gurrank will turn hostile. You need to attack him to bring his health down to a certain level before returning.

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