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Do you want to know if you should go to the dungeons of the Elden Ring, scattered throughout the Lands Between? A power gain in Elden Ring is much slower than other Souls games, but dungeon fighting to defeat their Elden Ring bosses is one of the best ways to get runes and gain power. These dungeons aren’t particularly hard to find, but it’s good to know what rewards they offer so you can focus on the ones that are most useful or farm them for extra materials like Elden Ring blacksmithing stones. This list covers the dungeons in Limgrave’s starting zone, but we’ll be sure to add more as we find them. So, if you’re ready to get started, here’s where to find the Elden Ring Dungeons and the rewards you can expect from each one.

Elden Ring Dungeons: Everything We’ve Found So Far

Dungeons contain functional materials – for example, catacomb dungeons give you a gauntlet. This flower is used to increase the strength of your summoning with the Elden Ring Spirit Calling Bell after you unlock the spirit attunement. In addition, they can also provide you with unique weapons and talismans.

Most of the dungeons are pitch dark, so buy yourself a torch from the merchant in Elle’s church before heading out to explore it. You can also get the Public Address Lantern from the merchant in the Lakes of Liurnia area after defeating the Stormvale Castle boss. Last thing to note: you can disable fire turrets by hitting them.

Awards: Golden Seed, Summon Exiled Knight Oleg, Talisman of Grace Eritrea

This dungeon is available in Stranded Graves with the Stonesword key. This is one of the most difficult dungeons in Limgrave.

Groveside cave

Awards: Fire Dragon Talisman

It is located north of the Elleh Church, behind the turtle pond, at the entrance to which soldiers are scattered. Fight the wolves, beware of those sleeping around the cave, and soon you will reach the boss. Forum Azula’s Beastman is very basic, and you can stun him with attacks, so just dodge/block and deal damage whenever you can.

Limgrave Tunnels

Awards: Roar Medallion, Smithing Stones

This dungeon is located at the northernmost end of the lake to the right of the Lost Cemeteries. Take the elevator down and enter the chamber with the miners. Those who dig are not hostile unless they are being attacked, but those standing around will throw rocks or try to hit you. Go down the platform, then through the tunnel to another elevator. When the elevator is halfway down, jump down to the platform you see.

Enter the next room and go left. Beware of lamplighters, who can spew fire and make other miners aggressive towards you. At the bottom of the elevator, go straight ahead to find the Stonedigger Troll boss. He’s pretty simple; just hold on to his legs as you would with any troll and beware of his downward kicks. He drops the Roar Medallion, which empowers his breath and roar attacks. This dungeon is also a great way to get smithing stones early on.

Awards: Ashes of a noble sorcerer

It’s pretty easy if you keep an eye out for regular imps pretending to be statues or hanging from walls. Walk until you reach a fire turret, then run to the right to run into another fire turret. Then do the same again.

It’s worth noting that behind this first turret is an item that allows you to say “Hi!”. After the second fire turret, head up the ladder to a balcony with two imps and a Wandering Noble Ash nearby. Jump down to the platform, then jump down again to find the level and open the door to the boss. Eritrea Burial Watchdog is pure nightmare fuel but easy to beat.

Death-touched catacombs

Awards: Talisman of the Crimson Assassin Dagger, Uchigatana, and Death Root

You can find this dungeon in the rock east of the Warmaster’s Hut on Storm Hill. This is a pretty easy run with no real traps; you just need to be aware of the scattered bones that turn into skeletons as you pass by. The skeletons themselves are not cool, especially if you take weapons with holy damage. Continue until you find the lever, pull it, and return to the boss door at the start. Like his undead pals, the Black Knife Assassin boss is susceptible to holy damage and will go out of his way to fight any mobs you summon against him.

coastal cave

Awards: Sewing tools

You can find this dungeon located at the cave entrance on the beach just across from the island to the southwest. The first room is filled with goblin-like creatures that will yell at you before attacking, giving you a chance to strike first. Kill them, then go to the boss. The Demihuman Chieftains are two aggressive beast-like creatures that run on all fours, but they are easy to defeat with the Savage Strikes skill and by fighting them individually. If you are having a hard time, call the Old Knight Istvan for help. This dungeon is important as it gives you access to the island south of Limgrave.

Dark Water Cave

Awards: Fabric clothes and fabric trousers

Head to the north side of the lake where you will fight Agil and go under the bridge where the skeletons are. Further up, on the left side, you will see a cave, although Bloodfinger Nerijus will invade you, so be careful. As soon as Yura appears to help you deal with him, head to the cave. This dungeon is very simple. Either be stealthy and watch out for the tripwires or just kill all the bandits there. Go down the left corridor to the boss’s door. The boss of this dungeon is good old Patch. Open the chest, and he will try to rob you. However, if you reduce his health to half, he will give up, and you can talk to him.

Dark Water Catacombs

Awards: war hammer

Head north upriver from Murkwater Cave and turn left into a cavern filled with bodies and tombstones sticking out of the walls. Go to the end, and you will find double doors leading to the catacombs. When you come down from the place of grace, look to the left for the demon pretending to be a statue, as well as one hiding on the roof. Directly in front of you will be a trap tile and two imps throwing knives. You can use a trap to kill them or get close – just be aware that the imp is hiding around the left corner.

Pull the lever. Go back and turn left, looking for another trap: two imps pretending to be statues on either side of the door and one to the left around the corner. Move forward to fight the Gravekeeper Duelist. This hammer-wielding warrior isn’t that hard to defeat if you stick close to him, though beware of his grapple attack in the second phase.

Highroad Cave

Awards: blue dancer charm

From the Darkwater Catacombs, head north along a river filled with giant tentacled creatures. You will need to use the wind spring to jump out to access it. At the very end, where the river meets the sea, on the left, you will find the entrance to the cave. Go inside and jump down the hole using the platforms. You will enter a room with another hole and wolves. Kill the wolves and jump down the next hole using the platforms. There is no platform for the last jump, but you can roll to the edge of the hole before jumping down.

Now there are two tunnels. Head straight into the fire-lit room with two more wolves. Head left through the barrels to find a spot where you can fall on the white wolf in the next room, but watch out for the wolf behind you. Go through the cave arch into the next room to see the cave cistern.

Go down the platforms while watching for bats, especially from the waterfall cave to the left of the trail. Then jump off the waterfall, jump towards the broken pillar and fight the bats to find Shamshir’s weapon. In the next room, you will find one of the giant tentacled creatures. They are strong, but throwing Kukri from a distance completely destroys them, so they seem weak to deal bleeding damage. Go through the tunnel on the right until you return to the main room, then drop down to the left at the waterfall and continue through the passage to find the boss.

The guardian golem is the same as the ones you find on the bridge to the divine Limgrave tower. Just like in Tower Knight from Demon Souls, you can hit him on the ankle to make him fall, but watch out for his kicks and attack as he bends down to breathe fire.



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