Elden Ring Fia quest guide

There are many steps you will need to complete in order to complete the Elden Ring Fia quest in Lands Between. As with most Souls games, Fia’s storyline goals aren’t particularly clear, and it’s easy to skip a step like new. Bosses, dungeons, and everything else are distracting.

You’ll also be faced with a choice when you first meet Fia, so you might be wondering what you should be doing during that first meeting. Please note that this guide includes the late game and final spoilers, so click now if you don’t want to risk it. If not, here’s how to complete the Elden Ring Fia quest and what are the consequences of holding onto it.

Should you let Fie hold you?

Elden Ring Fia Holds You: Will You Let Her?

You first meet Fiya at the Round Table Keep, which is basically the Hunter’s Dream of Elden Ring. From the main room with the Table of Lost Grace, go through the doorway to the right of the Jon Snow doppelgänger, then go through the door opposite. Fiona sits on a bed next to a large open fire.

When you first approach Fiya and talk to her, she will ask you to “hold you.” This is a bit of an odd request, all things considered, so you’re probably wondering what the catch is.

If you agree to let Fie hold you, you will receive the Canopy’s Blessing, a consumable item that temporarily boosts balance. The compromise is that Fia gives you a small HP debuff while you are not using an item. You can return to her for additional Baldachin blessings at any time. Rejecting her offer means you won’t get the item and start her quest.

Worn Dagger

Elden Ring Fia quest: What to do with the weathered dagger

After you meet and hug Fia, you need to find D near Summonwater village and defeat the Tibia Mariner boss. It is worth noting that this boss drops Antique Ring Root of Death, an item unrelated to this quest but still valuable. You should now be able to find D near the main hold table, although you can ignore it for now.

It’s unclear what triggers this next move, although it appears to be a victory over Godric the Grafted. Just make sure you talk to Fiya every time you return to the Round Table hold.

Keep talking to Fia until she gives you the Worn Dagger and asks you to return it to its original owner. Now return to D in the main room and hand over the dagger. When you return to the hold of the Round Table, you will find that D has been killed by Fia in the room at the end of the hallway by the blacksmith.

FIA will disappear after the speech, so make sure you pick up the twins. Armor as well as ball bearing from the body of D.

Cursed Mark of Death

Where to find Cursed Deathmark

Reach the Divine Tower in Liguria. This involves inverting the Carian training hall with the item you receive during Quest Elden Ring Ranny.

After gaining access to the Divine Tower, you can loot the Cursed Mark of Death from the body on top of the tower.

Dual armor selection

Siofra Aqueduct Dual Armor Selection

If you head underground to the Elden Ring Siofra River well sub-zone, you will be faced with a choice when you find Brother D right before you get to the boss in the aqueduct.

If you choose to hand over the armor to Twinned, Brother D will kill Fiya. This happens much later, so it doesn’t seem to affect whether you get her ending or not. In the end, you will get back the armor, as well as the new Elden Ring weapon. However, we have not yet been able to test what happens if you refuse to transfer the armor.

Defeat Fii Champions

Defeat Fii Champions in Deeproot Depths.

Then find your way into Deeproot Depths in one of two ways. One of them is to go through the illusory wall at the very bottom of the Underground Avoidance Lands, after the boss Mog, Lord of Blood. Hit the altar in his room to get past him, then climb down, jumping between the sarcophagi protruding from the wall until you find yourself in a room with a door. You will find an illusory wall on the right side.

Alternatively, if you’re on Ranny’s quest, he’s accessible via Knocron and the cistern to the north. After you’ve taken care of the Valiant Gargoyle boss, climb into the coffin by the waterfall.

Once there, make your way to the Deeproot Depths’ place of grace and use the branches to get to the next, higher one. Make sure you activate this as you will have to defeat the Fia champions. There are three of them, but the third is assisted by two comrades. As soon as they fall, Fia will appear.

Talk to her and ask her to hug you when prompted. Keep talking to her and hand over the Cursed Deathmark when prompted. You will now be able to interact with her to enter the Deathbed Dream. If this option is not available, quickly leave this area and then return to the place of grace through the roots.

Obtaining the Prince of Death’s Healing 

How to get the Prince of Death Healing Rune

Once you enter the deathbed dream, you will need to fight the dragon boss, Lichdragon Fortisax. Once he is defeated, you will be transported back from sleep. FIA appears to be asleep, but you can get the Death Prince’s Healing Rune from her. This is the key item needed to get the Fii ending. and is used after defeating the fin

If you turned in the Twinned Armor

If you handed the Twinned armor to brother D

After you get the Prince of Death healing rune from Fiya, you can leave this place. But if you previously chose to give the double armor to Brother D, he will appear the next time you return and stand over Fia’s body, killing her.

Rest in place of Grace, and he will disappear, leaving you to collect the Double Armor and Indivisible Great Sword he left behind.

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