Elden Ring Fia Quest: Should You Let Fia Hold You, Baldachin’s Blessing Explained

FIA in Elden Ring seems like a pretty sweet lady – maybe a little lonely, but someone who genuinely wants to help. After an eternity spent as a deathbed companion, she is determined to become a champion herself and help lead someone else to glory in what seems like an act of pure dedication. That’s where you’re wrong, tf. Fiji’s Embrace provides a unique item that can be of great value in major battles, but it comes at a cost.

Elden Ring Fia hug debuff explained.

If you allow Fia to hug you in a round table hold, a status icon will appear below your health and FP bars with a red square and an arrow pointing down. This indicates a decrease in your HP. It’s a small 5% reduction, but it can still make a difference in most encounters, especially difficult ones like the Margit and Godric boss fights.

However, the debuff is not permanent. You can restore your health by using the item Fia gives you in her hug: Baldachin’s Blessing. Whether or not to do this depends on your playstyle. The hug debuff can be disastrous, but the higher balance it offers means you can counter sustained attacks from enemies without breaking stances. Blessing is optional, although it’s worth using if you need an extra edge in combat.

The blessing of one faded is the death knell of another

What is the Blessing of Baldachin in Elden Ring?

Baldachin’s Blessing is a unique item that can only be obtained from Fiya’s Embrace. It uses a small amount of FP and increases your balance during combat. Poise is what determines the likelihood that enemy attacks will stun you, break your defenses, and leave you dazed and vulnerable. Usually, heavy armor buffs your balance, which leaves less powerful classes like astrologers and confessors at a slight disadvantage.

Clever timing to use Baldachin’s Blessing can remove the health debuff and give you an advantage against tough opponents without having to suffer the consequences. Consuming Blessing is also the only way to remove this debuff. Resting at the Place of Grace has no effect, so be sure to use it at some point.

Balance can only carry you this far in Elden Ring, and Fia is far from the only debuff you’ll come across. Poison can ruin even the best plans if you don’t remove the Poison status quickly enough. Some time spent farming runes is also a solid stat investment in the future of your Tarnished and the weapons they find later.

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