Elden Ring goes hard, but the fashion goes harder

The Elden Ring has been out of action for quite some time now. This means that untold thousands of tarnished souls have been busy roaming the lands between them. Being killed by Margit, riding Torrent off a cliff, being taken halfway across the world without consent, and writing “dog” next to turtle. But behind all the deaths, misfortunes, and misunderstood dogs, who are these unfortunate Tarnished — and, more importantly, what fashion trends do they bring to the frankly wretched wardrobes of the Land Between Worlds? Almost the entire PC Gamer team went to Elden Ring, and here are the regal, rotten, and ridiculous characters we’ve thrown into the game’s killing ground.

Mary of Psamathe

(Image courtesy of Software)

Nat Clayton – film producer: Look, I’m very predictable. Launching Elden Ring, I immediately started creating dark fantasy facsimile of Apex Legends’ Horizonand in doing so also created a depressingly supernatural recreation of himself. But it took a minute to really find the look, something I attribute to the icy speed with which Elden Ring hands out new gear. I’ve been wearing some basic scale armor from a merchant for a while that can only be described as a sort of Boromir encrusted with seashells. But now, having killed more than one god, Mary is starting to develop a more personal touch.

For a long time she wore a red shawl stolen from the guards in Stormveil, perfect for those cold nights in the In-betweenlands. Boots and gloves are chosen to evoke a glittering past, now buried in rags and furs, with a gold shield (never used) to match. I kept the fluffy headband from the Warrior starter kit because it fits surprisingly well and the blue color blends seamlessly with the trim on the bottom of the tunic.A bandit in a raincoat stands against the background of an orange sky.

This is a light, sporty version of the knight’s armor, perfect for the dual-wielding adventurer. But in recent days I’ve settled on more armored options, finally returning to the scale armor variant with a new set stolen from a hapless knight. My ultimate goal in all Souls games is to find the shabbiest armor with the widest capes, and I think I could find them here, although, after 40 hours, the Warrior headband is now a defining part of Mary’s look. Maybe it’s a shame, given how much time I spent fixing her face, but at this point, I feel naked without her.

However, our time-lost space mom still has a long way to go, and we’ll see what she’ll look like when she finally dons the mantle of Elden Lord.

Zentarim (from nowhere specifically, but definitely spent time in a trash can)Very Happy Elden Ring Boy

Fraser Brown – online editor: I still have not decided on the image of my sad, faded boyfriend. Beneath his armor, he is skinny and dirty, and his eye socket is almost certainly infected with the dirty rag he uses to cover it. Maybe I’ll stay with it, or maybe I’ll use a magic mirror to change it. But what really matters is what it drapes on its pathetic body.

For most of my time in Interterrane, I wore him in Kaiden’s armor, with the exception of his Prisoner set helmet, which he started with, and one of my favorite pieces of equipment in the game. It looks like something you set yourself up for, and it makes me giggle. Sorcery is his forte, but he’s a battle mage, so he often fights in close combat, hence the need for better physical protection than what light magic equipment offers.

However, after 50 hours of wearing the same piece, I decided it was time to change his wardrobe. I should add that I have some great sets that I don’t show off because they can be considered spoilers and also because I don’t wear them often because they just don’t fit the aesthetic I have in mind for old. The Zhentarim. On the other hand, dirty chain mail, which gives its owner a powerful belly, is much closer. This is how we should measure success at Elden Ring. First, he was powerless and skinny, but now he’s a big, tough guy with a devastating arsenal of spells. But! Most importantly, he still looks very sad.

big aunt kathybig aunt kathy

(Image courtesy of Software)

Wes Fenlon – Senior Editor: When I create a Souls character these days, I do it for the sole purpose of being an irresistible challenge. I want to be the one someone chooses from a bunch of forgotten fantasy names, hopefully, because they laughed at the absurdity of my creation. In Elden Ring, I travel the Midlands as Big Aunt Cathy, a dex/faith confessor I created as the meanest Catholic school nun I could imagine in a character creator. Don’t ask her about the eye.

It’s hard to tell in this close-up, but Big Aunt Kathy is really big, pushing the Elden Ring character creator’s size limits. In the end, I will find a suitable outfit for her – just as practical and strict, but a little more beautiful than this chain cape. But style isn’t really a priority for Big Aunt Katie, as you can see from her hairstyle. As long as she can hand out punishments, she’s… well, “happy” means that Cathy knows how to smile, so we’ll choose “completed.”

left beefleft beef

(Image courtesy of Software)

Morgan Park – staff writer: It’s a left beef named after best pizza for all the time. He is a samurai who has inexplicably woken up in a world where almost everyone else looks like they came from Europe. LB is fine, but at times he feels like a fish out of water. He considered swapping his clan armor for the knight’s robe he took off the dead guy. But he says it’s too heavy and “looks like crap”.

As you can tell from my starting armor, I was not an adventurer with an LB wardrobe. I’ve been 16 hours now and still using what I started with. Not because I don’t care, but because I care too much. I really like my samurai armor and can’t break a set for a meager stat boost. When I see my friends walking around in helmets that don’t fit their breastplate or ugly pants that make them faster, I recoil. I didn’t start the game as a samurai only to put on a knight’s helmet a few hours later. Also, I really like the dual katana I work with and would feel too weird to wear them in anything else. While everyone is playing Dark Souls 4, Left Beef and I are enjoying Sekiro 2.

Ornifexwizard in white cloak

(Image courtesy of Software)

Tyler Kolp – Assistant Editor: Okay, this is not Ornifex from Dark Souls 2, and I didn’t try to make her look like Ornifex from Dark Souls 2. I just liked the name. She is not a lanky crow lady, he is a witch with magical spells plucked from the stars. She also has a big hat because all wizards in the Souls games have had a big hat at some point in their lives.

I finished Elden Ring, so these robes and boots are not really what I have been wearing for the last 15 hours. But they are very close to what my character is about. She throws small meteors at people and dies a lot from one hit by enemies. I don’t usually play mages in Souls games, but I finally decided to give it a try. My character is weak to anything that hits harder than a rat. But damn, she looks good in a robe she stole from the academy (please don’t tell them).

FenrisGood Horned Elden Ring Adventurer

(Image courtesy of Software)

Lauren Morton – Assistant Editor: When I get into the RPG program, my mind just switches to characters from other games that I like. I knew I’d be playing the Warrior in Elden Ring. So here’s Fenris from Dragon Age 2, recognizable by his hair and my best attempt at getting him lyrium tattoos. I’m the kind of Souls player who wears everything I own at any given time. Whatever my biggest and weirdest booty is. So here he is in this massive horn headband that I’m enjoying right now. Although it makes me feel like I should have played the Iron Bull character instead.

EditAegith blindfolded adventurer

(Image courtesy of Software)

Robin Valentine – Print Editor: Egit has already seen some serious shit during his time in the Interlands. And frankly, he has no desire to see anything else, so he keeps his Prophet blindfolded, thank you very much. As an added benefit, he hides the huge scar and the agonizing bags under his eyes that I cursed him with when creating the character. This is actually my second Tarnished after a fruitful but ultimately unsatisfying job as a sorcerer. So I haven’t found too much cool gear for him yet. But I really like the tough, fur-covered armor of the Kaidan mercenaries. Obtained by hard work in mounted battles. And I’m glad I’ve already found a two-handed sword with the same animation and stopping power as the claymore. Which stayed with me for almost the entire first Dark Souls.

MatildaHorned character in Elden Ring.

(Image credit: Fromsoftware)

Rich Stanton – News Editor: I enjoy playing Souls games more or less naked, and the same goes for my character. Light Load increases dodge efficiency, my little goblin sickle deals wild bleed damage, the buckler provides maximum parry, and the horns just make me laugh and feel like an Iko boy. In fact, you should have called her Jorda.

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