Elden Ring Golden Scarab: Abandoned Cave location

Talisman of the Golden Elden Ring Scarab increases the number of runes dropped by enemies, which means you can level up or make them faster runic economy places are even more profitable. Of course, obtaining such a valuable item will require little effort from you, but the boss you need to defeat will be available quite early. There are many places to explore in the Netherlands, and you can easily collect runes with which you can level increase. But increasing the amount you get per kill will help you prepare for challenges in more difficult areas. Here’s where to find this special talisman and how to get to the abandoned Elden Ring cave it’s in. Image 2 of 3Abandoned Grace Cave. (Image courtesy of Software)

Elden Ring Golden Scarab: Where to Find the Abandoned Cave

The abandoned cave is Elden Ring Dungeon located in Calida and boss here falls the Golden Scarab.

You can enter the dungeon from the Smoldering Wall of Grace, and the entrance to the dungeon is in the east. Head east from the Place of Grace. You can avoid all the enemies here by following the firewall until you reach a gorge and then head south. You should see a broken tree spanning the chasm and you need to use it as a bridge to get through. Look at the screenshots above to see the exact location.

Once inside, you can activate the abandoned cave before continuing. This dungeon isn’t particularly large, but it has plenty of Scarlet Rot pools, as well as poison-spitting enemies. You should also watch out for geysers, as they will damage you even if they don’t erupt. Once you’re done, you’ll need to fight a boss – a pair of Pure Rot Knights. Kill the spear knight first, as he is much more dangerous, then deal with the sickle knight. Once both are defeated, you will be rewarded with the Golden Scarab Talisman.

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