Elden Ring Golden Seed and Sacred Tear Locations

Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears of Elden Ring are some of the most important items in the game. This is how you’ll upgrade your Crimson and Azure Tears Flasks, and as you’d expect from such useful items, you won’t find them growing on trees – like that. Technically, golden seeds grow on seedlings, although they are often found in hard-to-reach places or near obstacles of some other kind. Sacred Tears are less random and found in churches, though actually getting to some of these abandoned holy sites is often more difficult than looking for seeds everywhere.

Elden Ring Golden Seed Locations

Golden Seeds can almost always be found on Erdtree’s small glowing saplings, and they are scattered throughout the Intervening Lands. In most regions, there are at least two or three. You will need one gold seed to add a new charge to your flasks for the first five upgrades or so. After that, they are upgrading the Flasks requires at least two Golden Seeds.

These are the Golden Seeds we have found so far, and we will update you when we find more.

Limgrave Golden Seeds

  • Choosing one of these as a starter keepsake
  • Close to Stormhill Road
  • Given to you by Roderica if you complete her side quest in the Storm Hill Hut or find her in the hut after Roderica goes into the hold.
  • Between the lift and the secluded chamber of grace in Stormvale Castle.
  • Dropped by the Flawed Tree Spirit under Stormvale Castle.
  • In front of Fort Haight north of the Bridge of Sacrifice.
  • Fringe Hero’s Tomb, near the Flawed Tree Spirit
  • River Siofria, near the platform with candelabra. Follow the narrow stone bridge across the gorge and watch out for archers on the way.

Liurnia Golden Seeds

  • Northwest of Academy Gate City Grace Place
  • Karia Manor, outside the Upper Grace Manor Plot
  • Paradise Lucaria Academy, next to the debate room, site of grace.
  • Near Bellum Church, on the way to the Grand Elevator.

Altus Golden Seeds Plateau

  • Northeast of Airdtree Gazing Hill
  • North of Altus Highway Junction, Place of Grace
  • South of Windmill Village
  • Between the ghostly tree of the Outer Wall and the battlefield of the Outer Wall.

Kalid Golden Seeds

  • Sellia City of Magic, near the gate
  • East of the Cathedral of the Sacrament of the Dragon
  • Next to a map fragment in the southern part of Calidus
  • South of Aeonia Swamp

Liendell Royal Capital Golden Seeds

  • Outer wall near Ghost Tree (there are two Seeds)
  • After defeating the Erdtree boss
  • Past boss Gargoyle near Western Capital Bastion

Mount Gelmair Golden Seeds

  • On the road of lawlessness, heading towards the estate of volcanoes
  • Close to Seethewater Site of Grace and Seethewater Terminal

Top of the mountain of giants Golden seeds

  • Defeat the Wounded Tree Spirit in the Mountaintop Catacombs.
  • In the canyon near the Freezing Lake

Golden Seeds of Fire Peak

  • Head northeast from the foot of the Grace Forge. The seed is next to the dead giant.

Golden Seeds of the Eternal City

  • From the Blessed Eternal City, climb the stairs and go through all the buildings. Once you cross the main bridge, you will find an elevator that will let you exit right in front of The Seed. It’s in front of the waterfall.

Rot Lake Golden Seeds

  • Go down to the bottom of the stairs in the Grand Monastery and defeat the Flawed Tree Spirit at the foot of the waterfall.


What are Sacred Tears for in Elden Ring?

Sacred Tears are much rarer and increase the amount of HP or FP your flasks restore each time you use them. They are exceptionally useful as you increase your Energy and Intelligence stats, and you can get a few early in the game. Holy tears can be found in churches, although not every church has them.

Places of the Sacred Tear

There are fewer Sacred Tears than Golden Seeds. These are the ones we have found so far.

Limgrave Sacred Tears

  • church of pilgrimage
  • Fourth Church of Marika
  • Baptismal Church of Kallu
  • Third Church of Marika

Sacred Tears of Liurnia

  • Church of Irita
  • Bellum Church
  • Church of the Prohibition (near Raging Flame Village)

Altus Plateau Sacred Tears

  • Second Church of Marika
  • Church of the Stormcaller, near the Altus Highway junction.

Sacred Tears of Calydus

  • Church of the Plague (near Sellia, City of Magic)

Mountaintop of the Giant’s Sacred Tears

  • First Church of Marika (Top of the Giants, by the Freezing Lake on edge)

If you need more help with Elden Ring, check out our guides to upgrading weapons and finding the best weapons early in the game. And if you’re more into the visual type, we’ve got a video walkthrough showcasing all of these Golden Seed locations.


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