Elden Ring Golden Seeds guide

Looking for Golden Seeds in Elden Ring? These collectibles are well worth your time as they are used to upgrade your flasks, a key consumable you use to regenerate health and FP to use spells and skills. And, unlike in the Souls games, you’ll need a few gold seeds to increase your flask’s charge after the first few upgrades. You can find Golden Seeds from small golden saplings and in most cases, they can be found along main roads or near certain points of interest – you can even get them by defeating Elden Ring bosses. However, there are fewer of them at the beginning of the game, but I put together this guide to help you. Here are all the golden Elden Ring seeds we’ve found so far, broken down by region. We will add more as and when we find them.

Locations Elden Ring Golden Seeds

West Limgrave

  • Get one as a keepsake at the start of the game.
  • You can find another one by the golden sapling on the right side of the road you walk from the gate to Stormvale Castle.
  • Get one for defeating the Corrupted Tree Spirit boss in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon.
  • After Roderick leaves the Storm Hills Hut, a place of grace in Western Limgrave, she will leave a Golden Seed for you.

East Limgrave

  • Find him behind the door to Fort Haight at the southernmost point. You will notice a golden sapling near where you fight Pumpkin Head.

Weeping Peninsula

  • This seed can be found on the road to Morne Castle in the south. Look to your right as you drive over it and you’ll see a golden sapling on a small ledge of a cliff.


  • This seed is located in Sellia, the City of Sorcery, not far from the center of Calid. Fight your way through the city and up the giant stairs in the northern part. At the top, you will find a golden sapling.

Siofra River

  • On the banks of the river Siofra in the place of grace, find the portal on the island to the northeast. Walkthrough it and then make your way to the pillar you see on the rock above. Once there, you will notice a small dam leading to the west. Make your way through this and climb up to see the golden sapling.

Northern Liurnia

  • Located on the west side of Academy Gate City. Head west from Grace City Academy Gate along the outskirts and past the green crystal. Keep walking until you spot a golden sapling in a gap between two large sections of a broken bridge.
  • Find it to the east of Caria Manor at the top of Liurnia. Follow the river down a ravine with giant poison sacs and you’ll find a golden sapling at the end.

Western Liurnia

  • This seed is located in Kariya Manor in the north. After the Upper Lot of Finesse Manor, head outside into the garden with the wolves and you’ll notice a golden tree just behind the wolf looking down from the cliff.

Dragon Mound

  • On the way from the animal sanctuary in the far northeast corner of the map, you will find a golden sapling. Beware of vulgar militia.

Altus Plateau

  • Follow the road from the Dectus elevator and take a left at the fork. A little further on the left side, you will see a golden sapling.
  • In the forest with the symbol of Erdtree in the north. On the road north from the forest to the windmill pastures, you will see a golden sapling on the left side of the road.

Mount Gelmir

  • To the north of the Grace river section behind the volcanic vents to the right of the river, you will see a tree.
  • After the “Adult Shooting Star Beast” boss above the ninth camp on Mount Gelmir “Grace”, go west over the rocky ledge and jump to the abyss. Jump down again to where the troll’s body is hanging and you will see a golden sapling.

Leindell, Royal Capital

  • After heading down the stairs leading to the city with the two Tree Sentinels bosses, you will find a golden sapling with two golden seeds right at the Outer Wall of the Phantom Grace Tree.
  • Climbing up the stairs from the phantom tree grace of the outer wall, past the giant gargoyle, you will find yourself in a square with a golden sapling and two seeds.

West Summit of the Mountain of Giants

  • Follow the road east of the Blessed Forbidden Lands and you’ll find a golden sapling on the right side of the road. Beware of fast enemies.
  • From the ruins of the ancient Snow Valley, head northeast up the river until you reach a ruin golem patrolling from side to side. On the right side, there will be a golden sapling.

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