Elden Ring Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort Locations

Grave Glovewort in Elden Ring is a rare and very useful item used to upgrade Spirit Ashes with Roderika in Roundtable Hold. However, unlike most consumable plants, they never grow back, and the same is true for the Phantom Glover, an even rarer item only used to upgrade special spirit ash. As with Blacksmith Stones, you will need different grades of Glover for different levels of enhancement. Since they are rare, think carefully before deciding which spirit ashes to spend them on.

Where to find Grave Gloveworth in Elden Ring

The Grave Glover grows in many of the catacombs scattered throughout the Interlands, and they appear to be grouped by region. For example, you’ll find Grave Glovewort 1 in the Limgrave catacombs and Grave Glovewort 3 in Liurnia’s, though often they overlap. Grave Glovewort look like small lilies with glowing white flowers, making them hard to miss.

These are all the Grave Gloveworth locations we have found so far.

Limgrave Grave Gloveworth locations

  • Dark Water Catacombs
  • Stormfoot Catacombs
  • Tepes catacombs
  • Catacombs Tombs
  • Death-touched catacombs

Locations Liurnia Grave Gloveworth

  • Catacombs of Cliffbottom
  • Catacombs at the end of the road
  • Black Knife Catacombs

Caelid Grave Gloveworth locations

  • Calydus Catacombs
  • Catacombs of those who died in the war
  • Small catacombs of Erdtree

Other Grave Gloveworth locations

  • Wyndham Catacombs (Mount Gelmir)
  • Tomb of the hero Gelmir (Mount Gelmir)
  • Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs (Consecrated Snowfields)
  • The Giant Who Conquered the Hero’s Grave (Mountain of Giants)
As with weapons, you will need different levels of Glover to upgrade your Spirit Ash.

The Wyndham Catacombs boss also drops Glovewort Bell Bearing, which you can give to Husk Maidens in Roundtable Hold, after which they will sell you a Grave Glovewort.

Where to find Ghost Gloveworth in Elden Ring

Ghost Gloveworth is slightly different and only improves upon the “famous spirit ash”. Elden Ring doesn’t go into too much detail about what could be considered known spirit ash, but from what we can tell, it’s legendary ash like Luthel, Ancient Dragon Knight, and Pure Rot Knight. Like the ash they enhance, Ghost Glover Clusters are harder to find and only grow in underground areas – specifically the Ainsel and Siofra Rivers.

However, we also stumbled upon some of them in the catacombs, mistaking them for the Grave Gauntlet and collecting both without even knowing it.

Ghost Glover locations

  • Dark Water Catacombs
  • Black Knife Catacombs
  • Catacombs Tombs
  • Catacombs at the end of the road
  • Grave of Helmir the Hero
  • Wyndham Catacombs

If you find the Ghost Glover Collector’s Bell Bearing in Nocron, the Eternal City, the Twin Maidens will sell you a Ghost Glover in the hold.

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