Elden Ring Greatsword: How To Get The Guts Dragonslayer Sword From Berserk

The Elden Ring greatsword, a not-so-subtle nod to Kentaro Miura’s influential Berserk manga, is your choice – as long as you have the guts to get your hands on it. The greatsword is a powerful weapon for any strength-based build, although it is tucked away in Kaelid, a region that is often deadly early in the game. However, if you plan well, you can sneak in and grab him without (much) harm.

How to get a big sword in Elden Ring

The Great Sword is located in the northwestern part of Calid, on the road leading south to the Cathedral of the Dragon Communion. The easiest way to get there is to start at the Smoldering Church and just follow the road to the east. If you haven’t visited Callid or northern Limgrave yet, you can get to the Smoldering Church either north of Marika’s Third Church or following the road east from Stormhill Hut across the bridge.

Location of the two-handed sword in Elden Ring

The big sword is in an abandoned treasure cart on the side of the road. The trouble is that it is guarded by two giant zombie dogs. In the early to mid-game, these enemies can easily overwhelm you with quick bites, so we recommend fighting them either with ranged attacks or mounted (or both). Kill them, then interact with the map to get the sword.

Should I buy Greatsword in Elden Ring?

If you’re using a Force-based character, then yes. Without upgrades, the Greatsword’s Physical Attack Rating is 162, making it one of the strongest colossal swords in the game. You need 31 Strength and 12 Agility own it.

We do not recommend petting dogs.
We do not recommend petting dogs.

Characteristics of a two-handed sword

Here’s how Greatsword stacks up.


  • Physical Attack: 164
  • Critical: 100

watch over

  • Physics: 67
  • Magic: 50
  • Fire: 50
  • Lightning: 50
  • Saint: 50
  • Boost: 38


However, the Stamp’s special ability is a little underwhelming. In addition to being a common skill, it takes time to properly set up and perform. You need to press the skill button and then use a strong attack to pull it off. If you rarely use skills or just want a big sword that hits hard, it’s not that important. On the other hand, it is considered a regular weapon, which means that you can upgrade the Great Sword using regular blacksmithing stones. If you need a few more points in Strength stats, check out some of the best areas for crafting thousands of runes.

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