Elden RIng Haligtree Medallion left and right location

Looking for the Elden Ring Haligtree medallion? So, you have reached the Peaks of the Giants. You are literally on top of the world, but there is an area to the north that is still empty and that is bothering you. You can spy on him there, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get down to him.

This is where the Haligtri medallion comes in. The lifts usually go in both directions, in which case Rold’s Grand Elevator can also go down if you find the right medallion to show him. In this guide, I will explain how to find the left and right parts of the Haligtree medallion in Elden Ring to allow you to enter this brave new area, and even explain how to get to Haligtree afterward.

This guide contains spoilers for later game locations. So if you’re not at this stage yet, or don’t want anything to be destroyed, turn away now.

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Elden Ring Haligtree Medallion: Left and Right Half Locations

The first half of the Haligtree medallion is fairly easy to obtain. Head to the village of Albinavrik, located under the rocks in the south of Liguria, and make your way to the city itself. Next to the pile of bodies, you’ll find an enemy playing the flute and a sarcophagus with an item nearby. Next to the sarcophagus is a pot. Hit him, and he will turn into an old man who will ask you to take the locket for safekeeping.

The other half of the medallion is located in Castle Sol, at the northernmost point of the Giant Mountain Peaks. You will have to go down through several cemeteries near the sailor tibia and face a chain of giant skeletons that will try to crush you. Sol Castle itself is easily recognizable, as there is a giant walking temple outside of it.

To get the medallion, you will have to fight the fort boss, Commander Niall. It is difficult for melee builds as it spawns two soldiers and has a lot of AoE attacks. The best way is to first kill the more aggressive soldier with two swords on the right and then move on to the shield. At this point, Niall will keep his distance. After they are dead, he will destroy his Frost AoE and Lightning Leg. If you have the Ashes of the Elden Ring Spirit, you need to call the NPC helper, now is the time to use it.

Once you defeat Niall, go to the top of the fort to get the medallion. You can now return to Rold’s Grand Elevator and scroll through the medallions to get to a new area.

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How to get to Haligtri

However, you are not in Haligtree yet. Suppose you want to get there, head north of the new region to the city of Ordina. You’ll find a door leading further north, at the top of a staircase blocked by a barrier. To print this, you must go to the prison and light the statue’s four candles. You can find the portal at the point in the screenshot below, and the location of the four statues marked with skulls once you enter the prison.

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The hardest part of this challenge is the archers on the rooftops and the invisible assassins on the streets who will stab you in the back. Your best bet is to sneak and run or dodge when you are spotted. Using the Assassin’s Approach spell is good for camouflaging your steps if you have it, although the Darkness spell for hiding is pretty useless. Once you have collected all four, the doorway to Ordin will be unlocked, and you will be able to enter Haligtree.

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