Elden Ring has Bloodborne’s facial deformation sliders hidden in its character creator

FromSoftware games use the same character creation framework as Demon’s Souls. Each entry makes small changes to how it works, and one of the biggest changes was the addition of facial warping to Bloodborne. This was not available to the player: this was done in order to be able to create NPC characters whose faces showed signs of multiple blood transfusions.
If you haven’t played Bloodborne, no spoilers, but it turns out Yharnam’s blood wonder might not be the whole story.
This feature remained in Dark Souls 3 (which was released after Bloodborne) and has now been discovered in Elden Ring by longtime Souls expert and data collector ZullieTheWitch. As you can see below, this thing allows you to create Shrek in seconds.
If you’re not Zulli, you can’t access him in Elden Ring – yet. However, the fact that he’s already there means he’ll probably be unlocked via mods soon enough that we can all run around Margate.
It’s fair to say that Elden Ring’s character creation system is by far the most fully featured and can create a wide variety of looks. Indeed, one of the things I admire about the studio’s approach to character creation is that it’s quite difficult, without going to extremes, to create a character that doesn’t feel like it fits into that world.
However, Zulli’s discovery does show that character creation here, despite improvements, is still the same (perfectly good) system. And hey, anything that vaguely resembles any aspect of Bloodborne on PC will always get me a wild reaction.

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