Elden Ring: How To Change Character Appearance

Customizing your character’s appearance in From Software’s RPG is easier than usual. In previous Souls games, you would often get stuck with the character you created at the beginning of the game. This means that whatever monster you create at the beginning will be present throughout the journey. Luckily, FromSoftware’s latest RPG, Elden Ring, gives you the ability to change your appearance at any time, and you can do so pretty early on. Although, as expected with a FromSoftware game, it’s not obvious how to do this. Here’s how the appearance change works.

How to change your appearance in Elden Ring

The Foggy Mirror stand in the Round Table stand.

Elden Ring has a robust character editor that gives you the ability to customize just about every aspect of the face, body, and hair. Some may prefer to dive into the details completely, while others will skip the process as quickly as possible.

After you have reached Stormvale Castle, interact with the Site of Grace, and you will be able to talk to Melina again. She will invite you to the Round table representing the central world with non-player characters (for example, the Temple of Fire from the first Dark Souls).

Upon arrival, you will immediately notice a large round table in the center of the room (hence the name) with several paths branching off. Follow the path on the right, just past the fireplace, and then enter the room next to the blacksmith. In this room is a hooded NPC named Fia who asks you to hold you. Opposite the fireplace in this room is a mirror that you can interact with. He is referred to as Foggy Mirror Stand.

Interacting with this mirror gives you the ability to change your appearance, just like at the beginning of the game. You don’t need to spend runes or have a specific item to use this feature. It’s completely free. Just make sure you select “Finish Cosmetic” when you’re done to save.

In this menu, you can change the name, appearance, age, voice, and physique of your character. Note that this only affects your character’s appearance, not their stats or starting class. But at least you can change their appearance if you are unhappy with how they turned out at the beginning of the game. It doesn’t look like you can change a character’s gender when using a foggy mirror stand.

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