Elden Ring: How To Get Ghiza’s Wheel

The vast selection of weapons in Elden Ring range from common swords to unusual weapons that can be as useful as they are special. The latter is perhaps best showcased by the Wheel of Giza, an obvious homage to Bloodborne’s Whirligig Saw and one of the most intriguing play options for high-end builds looking to get a little quirky. If you’re hoping to get that colossal revolving saw, we’ve got you covered.

Explanation of the Wheel of Giza

The Wheel of Giza is a giant iron weapon that requires 28 Strength and 18 Dexterity to wield. Even though it is extremely large and slow, its passive increases enemies’ blood loss. And you can use that to your advantage even more by taking advantage of his weapon skills.

The weapon skill for the Wheel of Giza is called the Spinning Wheel, and it does exactly what it sounds like – it spins the weapon’s saw at deadly speed while you’re free to roam with it. When used properly against relatively immobile enemies, this can completely destroy the health bar with the added bleed effect.

The description of the Wheel of Giza item reads:

A large iron wheel with flesh-ripping blades. A torture device used by Inquisitor Giza. When the wheel spins, it causes intense pain and blood loss. The design was adopted for use as the iconic weapon of the Iron Virgins.

Where to find the Wheel of Giza

The Wheel of Giza is in the dining room upstairs in the main halls of Vulcan Manor.. There are several ways to get to Volcano Manor, the easiest of which is to walk up and around the steep and dangerous Mount Gelmir, located west of the Altus Plateau.

Volcano Manor

There is also a simple Rhia quest chain that can be started in Liurnia of the Lake. She can be found north of the Ruins of Laskiar, where she will send you on a short quest. When you complete it and return to her, she will then move to the Altus Plateau, either to the top of the Dectus Grand Elevator or to the Grace Lot of Airdtree Ghasing Hill. After talking to her, you will get the opportunity to teleport to Volcano Manor.

To get the Wheel of Giza, you need to kill its original owner, Inquisitor Giza, who is waiting for you in the aforementioned dining room. He’s not particularly hard to beat due to his slow speed, but he hits hard when he manages to catch you, so don’t get too greedy. Once it’s dropped, you’ll have one of the most interesting weapons in the game and be ready for whatever comes next on your adventure.

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