Elden Ring: How To Get The Pumpkin Helm

Elden Ring, like most From Software RPGs, is often a dark and depressing experience with mature storytelling and extremely difficult battles against monstrous enemies. But as usual, despite all this, you can be sure to find funny and sometimes downright absurd armor and weapons that remind you that you are playing a video game. One such pleasantly silly item is a pumpkin helmet a cool find that can make you look oddly fashionable if you want to have a massive head.

Pumpkin helmet explained

The Pumpkin Helmet is a massive round helmet that covers the entire head and is not part of any specific armor set, making it a great option for those who want to add some fun style to their character. The item description for the Pumpkin Helmet reads:

The oval helmet is large enough to cover any head. Very heavy and very heavy. The inside of the helmet is completely black, which prevents the crazed warrior inside from panicking. Perhaps its rather spacious interior also helps alleviate feelings of pressure and claustrophobia.

Where to find a pumpkin helmet

You may need to do some farming to get the Pumpkin Helmet. You’ll find Crazed Pumpkinhead’s enemies scattered across the Lands Between, with some appearing fairly early in Limgrave and the area below it known as the Weeping Peninsula. However, the easiest place to farm an item is Saintsbridge in northern Limgrave, where you will find the Mad Pumpkin Head enemy on the bridge right next to the Site of Grace.

Killing Crazy Pumpkin Heads shouldn’t be much of a problem. You can shoot them with sorcery if you prefer to fight them from a distance, but melee combat is equally easy due to their usually slow attack speed and fairly obvious tells. Note, however, that their helmets are the ones you’re aiming to get –make their heads invulnerable, so you will be wasting your time attacking them there. After you win this fancy helmet, learn more from our Elden Ring tips for beginners.

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