Elden Ring: how to two-hand a weapon

Want to know how to dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring? Now that FromSoft’s latest game is out, you probably want to know everything the vast world has to offer. Once you’ve chosen your Elden Ring class and picked up your trusty Torrent mount, you can turn your attention to the weapon and how it works. Whether you want to jump into the thick of things in close combat or prefer to stay out of the way by attacking from afar, the Lands Between has plenty to choose from. You might also want to know how to wield a two-handed weapon in Elden Ring and this guide will show you how.

Elden Ring: How to wield two-handed weapons

There are times when you might want to throw caution to the wind, do away with the shield and take up a two-handed weapon to increase the damage of your attacks. To do this, press E + left or right-click depending on which hand you have the weapon equipped in. If you are using a controller, Y (or triangle) + buttons on the left or right shoulder do the same.

If you choose to switch to two-handed mode, you’ll need to make sure you’re light on your feet and ready to dodge or turn in the path of incoming attacks, so remember to load up your gear. You can deal more damage – and you still have the ability to land light or heavy attacks, but you’ll be more vulnerable without a shield to hide behind.

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