Elden Ring: How To Two-Hand Weapons And Why You Should

Elden Ring has a diverse collection of weapons that grows with almost every enemy type you kill and the location you visit in The Lands Between. From simple longswords to huge hammers and fast daggers, there is something for everyone. What’s more, you can use two-handed weapons to gain new move sets and use special abilities that can quickly turn the tide of battle. In this guide, we’ll give you a rundown of why, when, and how to pick up your favorite two-handed weapon.

Why you should use two-handed weapons

There are many reasons to wield a weapon with both hands, but the simplest and most obvious reason is that two-handed weapons give you extra attack power. While the damage boost isn’t as massive as you might expect, it’s certainly enough to make him a viable choice when a shield isn’t required. But since you won’t have a shield in this stance, you need to make sure you can dodge incoming attacks.

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Two-handed weapons also give you access to new move sets. For example, you can have a two-handed sword that makes wide vertical attacks while holding it with one hand and holding it with two hands; you can deliver devastating blows in front of you, which can easily break the enemy’s defense. You must be sure to always use the most viable option based on your environment. Using these sweeping attacks in a narrow hallway will likely cause your sword to simply bounce off walls, so maybe try dual-wielding it for tighter, forward-directed strikes.

Lastly, two-handed most fist and claw weapons will automatically give you this weapon in both hands, which means you’ll have a set of two-handed moves that can deal incredibly powerful damage to your opponents. Nothing lets you live out your Wolverine fantasy better than blasting your way through hordes of enemies with a set of deadly claws on each hand.

Like a two-handed weapon

Previous From Software games let you dual-wield weapons by simply holding Triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox. However, in Elden Ring, you will need to complete one additional step to switch to and from a two-handed stance. PlayStation users can hold triangles and press R1 or L1 two-handed right or left weapon, respectively. On Xbox, these buttons will be Y and either RB or LB. Now that you know how to play with two hands, find out what you should be doing first during Elden Ring-opening hours.

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